Poll: Majority Support For Marijuana Legalization In California


There are no less than four efforts underway to try to legalize marijuana in California in 2016. California voted on marijuana legalization in 2010. Proposition 19 failed to pass in 2010 by a vote of 53.5% 'no' to 46.5% 'yes'. There were no votes on marijuana legalization in California in 2012 or 2014 due to a lack of national funding support and fractured efforts within California. The 2016 efforts got a boost yesterday when a poll was released which found that support for marijuana legalization is at an all-time high in California. Per Smell the Truth:

vote for california marijuana initiatives

PPIC reports that 55 percent of likely California voters want to replace marijuana prohibition --- which has failed --- with a system that taxes, and regulates the state's multi-billion cannabis industry.

Several groups are working to place the issue on the ballot in 2016, and "support for legalization is at its highest point since PPIC began asking this question in May 2010," the group states.

"Today, 53 percent of residents say marijuana should be legal and 45 percent say it should not. Slim majorities supported legalization in October 2014 (51%) and September 2013 (52%). Among likely voters, 55 percent favor legalization. About three-quarters of adults (74%) who have tried marijuana say it should be legal, while only a third (35%) who have never tried it favor legalization."

I have seen other polls that show majority support for marijuana legalization in California. I think it's clear that Californians want legalization. However, the question is 'what form of legalization?' Getting everyone on the same page in California is going to be crucial to achieving reform there. While a majority agrees that prohibition should end, once details start getting presented, the percentages go down. With four different efforts, the chances of marijuana legalization passing in California get worse. For the sake of reform, I hope everyone in California pools together their resources and works together.