October 20, 2014

Poll: Majority Support For Marijuana Legalization In Delaware

October 20, 2014
Dont mess with Delaware

Dont mess with DelawareA growing majority of Americans want to see marijuana legalized, taxed, and regulated. The citizens of Delaware are no exception. A recent poll found that a strong majority of Delaware residents want to see Delaware follow in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington and legalize marijuana. Per Delaware Online:

According to a new University of Delaware poll that finds 56 percent of Delawareans support legalization of marijuana use.

The university polled 902 Delaware adults between Sept. 10 and 22, finding just 39 percent opposed to legalization. Delawareans older than 60 and self-identified conservatives were the only groups to express deep opposition, while young adults and liberals drove the support.

Support for legalization crossed racial and geographic boundaries, with poll respondents in all three counties saying they back legal marijuana.

“I would say the numbers suggest solid support for fully legalizing marijuana in Delaware,” said Paul Brewer, the political communications professor at the University of Delaware who supervised the poll. “The results also reflect what’s going on in public opinion at the national level, where the trends show a growing majority favoring legalization.”

Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. will be voting on marijuana legalization very soon. Ballots are already being filled out in Oregon, and I have seen many, many people post pictures on social media showing that they are voting ‘yes’ on Oregon Measure 91. 2016 will be a watershed year, with numerous states planning marijuana legalization initiatives. And hopefully in between we will see at least one state legalize marijuana via the legislature.


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