May 27, 2013

Poll: More Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana Cultivation Than Oppose

May 27, 2013
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marijuana growing cultivation garden poll supportAn important new Huffington Post / You Gov poll has found that nearly half of all Americans support the legalization of private marijuana cultivation, as well as the legalization of industrial hemp. According to the polling, 47% support a move towards legalizing the home-cultivation of cannabis, while only 37% oppose such a move. In regards to industrial hemp, 56% are in favor of its legalization, with just 24% in opposition.

The polling is in line with recent polling also released by Huffington Post / You Gov which found that well over 50% support legalizing and regulating marijuana similar to alcohol.

The release of the polling comes as federal lawmakers are considering an amendment to a national farm bill which would legalize hemp throughout the U.S. Representatives are also discussing legislation which would force the government to respect the laws of states that legalize marijuana.

Source: The Joint Blog


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