Poll: Most Michigan Voters Support Marijuana Legalization


Michigan has a very active marijuana reform movement, and has for awhile. The medical marijuana industry in Michigan, despite clear regulations, is growing. I just read a report yesterday talking about how there are more medical marijuana dispensaries in Detroit than there are grocery stores. Michigan is at the top of my list of states that could legalize marijuana in 2016. Numerous cities in Michigan have voted to reform marijuana laws at the local level already.

michigan medical marijuana businesses

A poll was released yesterday which found that a majority of Michigan voters support marijuana legalization. Per NORML:

The poll shows 50% of Michigan adults would likely vote in favor of a system like those being utilized in Washington and Colorado, where marijuana is sold to adults and the proceeds are taxed by the state. 46% of respondents opposed the program. The results show a 3% increase in the acceptance of the tax and regulate legalization model from the previous survey, conducted in 2013 by the same firm.

The 2014 poll asked respondents if they would vote for a ballot proposal that would legalize marijuana use for adults 21 and over, create a system of licensed dispensaries to distribute the marijuana and tax its sale. 600 participants were surveyed on December 10 through 14, including 20% cell phone contact and the poll has a margin of error of ±4%.

"Michigan is a leader in the national trend toward reform of marijuana laws," said Matthew Abel, attorney with Cannabis Counsel PLC in Detroit and the Executive Director of MiNORML. "This latest poll shows a major shift in attitude toward marijuana legalization over the last year. Legislators, take note: Michigan is ready for this."

Hopefully this poll, combined with the local reform victories, leads to a successful push for marijuana legalization in 2016. In a perfect scenario, Michigan's Legislature would step up and pass a marijuana legalization bill. However, it's worth noting that a medical marijuana industry bill is desperately needed, and has been for awhile, but Michigan lawmakers so far have been unable or unwilling to pass such legislation.