Poll: Overwhelming Support For Marijuana Reform In Kansas


Earlier this month the voters in Wichita, Kansas voted to decriminalize marijuana possession. The reform initiative won by a sound margin. The result of the vote didn't sit well with Kansas' Attorney General, who is seeking a court ordered injunction in an attempt to squash the initiative's chances of becoming law in Wichita. If a recent Fort Hays State University poll is any indication, Kansas' Attorney General is in the minority, by far. Per the Fort Hays State University poll:

kansas marijuana

When asked about marijuana policy, over two thirds of respondent favored allowing medical marijuana in Kansas, while almost as many (63%) favored decriminalizing recreational marijuana so that personal possession would only involve a fine, rather than jail time.

Marijuana decriminalization should be allowed to proceed in Wichita. It saves law enforcement dollars, and allows law enforcement to focus on real crime. And after all, it's what the voters in Wichita wanted. Last time I checked we live in a democracy, which is maybe something that Kansas' Attorney General doesn't realize.

Medical marijuana should also be approved in Kansas. There are people suffering from various ailments in Kansas, and they should be allowed to use a medicine that is far safer than pharmaceuticals if they choose to do so. A medical marijuana patient in Kansas, Shona Banda, had her son taken away because he pointed out in class that marijuana can be medicine. You can donate to her legal fund at this link here.