Poll Shows Marijuana Legalization Initiative Winning In Ohio

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Says It's Time to Decriminalize Marijuana

Yesterday I wrote an article about Ohio's marijuana legalization initiative, and how voters will be deciding on the issue three weeks from yesterday. The article resulted in some interesting e-mails, as Ohio articles seem to do these days. I always take the e-mails in stride. They seem to be split about 50/50, with half of the people calling for my head because I support the initiative, and the other half also calling for my head because I don't support the initiative. Very rarely do I get an e-mail where the sender is calm and respectfully disagrees with whatever they think my stance is on the issue, but when I do, I definitely cherish it!

There hasn't been a lot of polling done to gauge voter's moods on the marijuana legalization initiative (Issue 3), or for Issue 2, which would put a huge monkey wrench into the equation. Issue 2 would at the most nullify Issue 3 if both pass, or at the least lead to legal challenges that could result in some provisions of the legalization initiative being nullified. A poll was released yesterday, which found the following results, per WKYC:

ohio marijuana legalization poll
ohio marijuana legalization poll
ohio marijuana legalization poll

Less than a week a go a Quinnipiac University poll found that 53% of Ohioans supported marijuana legalization. A poll in April found that 52% supported marijuana legalization. As far as I know this poll that was released late yesterday is the first one that specifically asks about the Issue 3 version of legalization. The fact that it returned an even higher percentage of support than the more generic Quinnipiac poll should be encouraging to ResponsibleOhio.

Marijuana polls tend to be skewed a bit in favor of the 'no' side, because some people don't want to publicly express support for legalization due to a fear of shaming, but plan on actually voting for legalization when it gets to Election Day. So the true level of support could be potentially even higher for Issue 3. Of course, the same poll showed Issue 2 winning as well, albeit by a couple of percentage points lower. Assuming both pass, there will be a very long legal battle that will no doubt follow, and will likely have to be decided by Ohio's Supreme Court.