August 2, 2017

Redhat Ralph Visits 8 Portland Marijuana Shops in 24 Miles

August 2, 2017
Redhat Ralph Visits 8 Portland Marijuana Shops

This week includes three days of the 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival as well as the 2 year anniversary barbeque at Shango Dispensary in Hillsboro.  I will also be continuing my Dispensary Tour north and east of the Willamette River.  Here is how I walked 24.2 miles from Sunday July 2 through Saturday, July 8.

Sunday, 7/2/17, 3.9 miles. Day 3 of The 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Fest, including artists Dexter Allen, Pimps of Joytime, and Blynd.

Monday, 7/3/17, 6.0 miles.   Day 4 of The 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Fest, including artists Scott Pemberton, Booker T Stax Revue (do you remember Booker T and the MGs and their hit “Green Onions”?), and Joss Stone.  Today is the BBQ at Shango in Hillsboro but I will be missing it.

Tuesday, 7/4/17, 4.9 miles.  Day 5 of The 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Fest, including artists Monkey Junk, Canned Heat, and Curtis Salgado.  During a party at the beach (New Smyrna Beach) in 1969 I was introduced to four albums: Savoy Brown (Blue Matter, 1969); Canned Heat (Canned Heat, 1967), Blind Faith (Blind Faith, 1969), and Cream (Wheels of Fire, 1968).  This party and these albums helped form the foundation of my love of the blues.  Nearly 50 years later and I am still swaying to the tunes.

Wednesday, 7/5/17, 0.6miles.  Oh my, I need to take a day (or two) off or my feet and legs will quit working for me.  And folks, I need those to enjoy this life Flo and I have built.  I will take today off.  No adulting being done today.

Thursday, 7/6/17, 0.3 miles.  Another day of “no adulting”.  Unless you count writing this blog (last week’s version, at least) as doing something adult.  And if you do, perhaps I am being too serious in my regular life, or maybe you are not being serious enough in your normal life.  Or maybe none of it really matters, other than enjoying what is being done while it is being done.

Friday, 7/7/17, 6.6 miles.  

Cured Green LLC – according to the OLCC website, this is still a medical-only dispensary, but they actually have their OLCC license and are now a recreational dispensary.  They have a restroom for customers.  Today they have 25 chemovars (strains) ranging from $5 to $17 per gram, or $17 to $52 an eighth.  A few of the stand-outs (for me) include: Sunset Sherbet (High Winds Farm) at 22.86% THC; Tahoe OG (Rosebud Farms) at 26.20%; Kosher Kush (Psycho Kitty) at 24.00%.  This is first dispensary where I have found BOOM! Extracts ($26 and $28 for 0.5g).  They offer dispensary-packed pre-rolls along with some from Pinky’s Farm and Mama Lou.  They also have a private meeting space available (although it doesn’t have a restroom) which is considered part of a private home, so consumption is possible.

cured green

Between one dispensary and the next I am always on the lookout for interesting parks and other areas.  Today I discovered the Columbia Cottage at the entrance to Columbia Park.  There are so many wonderful parks and recreation areas around this city!  I love my life!

columbia cottage

Portland Pot Shop – This is another dispensary that does not allow bags or backpacks into the dispensary. They do have a restroom for their customers.  Today they have 35 chemovars on the shelf, and they pack their own pre-rolls.  Some of the strains I liked include: Dog Waltz (Nelson & Co. Organic) at 22.61% THC; Cherry Pie (Medicinal Farms) at 15.76%; Blue Dragon (NW Greenery) at 18.21% THC.  They also have a good number of vape cartridges.

Portland Best Buds – This dispensary includes vape cartridges from Green dragon, Select Strain, High Desert Pure, Social, and Quill, as well as 15 strains of flower.  I really like a sample of the Ultimate Purple Urkle from The Sweet Life which tested at 23.19% THC.

Club Sky High – They have clones for $25 and $30!  They also have 6 pricing levels: $4, $7, $8, $9, $13, $15 per gram before taxes.  Two of the chemovars that I like are Gorilla Clue #4 (Sky High Farms) at 20.66% THC, and GSC (Sky High Farms).

Oregon House of Herbs – the budtender let me know that the initials become “OHOHPDX”; I like that.  They pack their own 1 gram pre-rolls which sell for $8 or $10.  All prices shown inside are with tax.  Today there are 21 chemovars, including Purple Dream (26.84% THC) and Northwest Wreck (28.5% THC).

Kind Heart Collective – If you order on-line ( you can pre-pay with your credit or debit card.  If you use the promo code “Kind Heart 10” you can get a 10% discount.  All of the flower (other than in the sniff jars) is prepackaged in the shop.  Today they have 21 chemovars and many clones.  The clones are $20 for the infant ones and $60 for the more mature plants. Their pre-rolls sell for $6 or $8 for the 0.5g ones and $12 for the full gram joints.

Ivy Cannabis (formerly Sovereign Cannabis) – Once you cross the bridge to Hayden Island you can visit the shop that was called “Green Oasis” last year (look at it on Google Maps Street view), Sovereign Cannabis sometime later (their receipt still displays the business as Sovereign Cannabis), but is now Ivy Cannabis.  I arrived at 6:30pm and fully expected it to be too busy for me to take the time to do a proper review, but I was mistaken.  They have clones for $20 apiece.  The flower is all prepackaged other than the sniff jars.  They have many chemovars (50 per the website; unfortunately I didn’t make note of a count during the visit) on the shelf, as well as many pre-rolls.  I ended up buying a 0.5g pre-roll of Lemon Kush (20.55% THC) for $2.50 and a 1g pre-roll of Purple Hindu Kush (20.17% THC) for $5.83.

Redhat Ralph Visits 8 Portland Marijuana Shops

Saturday 7/8/17, 1.9 miles.  While I was visiting those eight dispensaries yesterday, Flo was driving around Oregon looking for a new place for us to live.  We absolutely love our townhouse in Beaverton, but after a couple of falls on the stairs, it is time to consider something on one level…within our price range.  So right now we are looking into manufactured homes and 55+ communities.  Today we drive to Eldorado Mobile Villas in King City, J&M Homes in Clackamas, and a couple of mobile home parks in Molalla and Clarkes.  Our adventure continues!


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