President Obama Needs To Keep His Campaign Promises


by David Borden

obama cannabis

In March 2008, candidate Obama promised not to use Dept. of Justice resources to block state medical marijuana laws. But President Obama has broken that promise:

  • The Obama DOJ is raiding marijuana dispensaries at twice the rate the Bush DOJ did.
  • US Attorneys have sent misleading, threatening letters to state legislatures considering dispensary laws.
  • A DOJ memo sent late last month, claiming to "clarify" an earlier memo that supported states rights to medical marijuana, in fact backtracked on it. While the federal government is not targeting patients themselves, they are making it more difficult for them to obtain marijuana legally and safely.

Please write to President Obama to express your concern and disappointment over his broken promise. The future of medical marijuana depends on people like you across the country speaking up and putting pressure on the president to keep his promise to respect state medical marijuana laws -- so please use our web site to send President Obama a letter today. When you're done, please use our tell-a-friend form to spread the word. You can call the White House Comment Line on the phone too, at (202) 456-1111, to make an even greater impact.

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