Pro-Marijuana Billboard Goes Back Up In Portland After Being Vandalized

portland oregon marijuana alcohol billboard

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article talking about how happy I was to see a pro-marijuana billboard go up in Portland, Oregon. The Marijuana Policy Project was responsible for putting up the billboard, which was right in time for alcohol awareness month and a popular alcohol festival in Portland. By the end of the day, the sign had been vandalized by someone that couldn't handle the truth - marijuana is safer than alcohol. Below is the original billboard:

oregon billboard marijuana alcohol

Below is the sign vandalized, as confirmed by the billboard company:

vandalized marijuana alcohol billboard portland oregon

Below is the new sign. A press conference is schedule for tomorrow at 10:30 am below the sign:

marijuana policy project billboard alcohol marijuana portland oregon

Take that prohibitionists!!!! Another kudos to Roy Kaufmann for leading this much needed media campaign in Portland, Oregon!