October 15, 2013

Protect Marijuana Legalization And Fight The DEA

October 15, 2013
dea marijuana prohibition profit

dea marijuana prohibition profitBy Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

Thanks to you, marijuana legalization is a reality. But ex-DEA heads are pressuring the Obama administration to overturn the marijuana legalization laws in Colorado and Washington. Don’t let the DEA stand in our way — make a gift today!

Our opponents are threatened by our progress and will do anything they can to stop the momentum of our movement. But we’re fighting back and leading a campaign to take on the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Nixon created the DEA as the machine to power his declared war on drugs. It’s a costly, ineffective institution that uses a blunt law enforcement approach to a complex public health problem. It promotes lies about marijuana and other drugs, blocks medical marijuana research and raids marijuana distributors who are operating legally under state law. It even intimidates pain management doctors and is illegally using NSA and CIA programs to spy on Americans.

We’ve had enough of the DEA and we’re doing something about it. Help us raise $10,000 by this Thursday, October 17. We’re making great progress but we still haven’t heard from you.

The DEA should not be in the business of determining which drugs are medicines, blocking scientific research, undermining state marijuana laws and using illegal practices in the name of the drug war. And it certainly should not be kicking down thousands of doors, tormenting families and wreaking havoc. Yet the DEA’s out-of-control behavior has been unchecked for 40 years — and is even funded as “essential” during the government shutdown.

With your help, we’re ready to take on the DEA. We’re working to slash its wasteful budget and building momentum for congressional hearings on its outrageous practices. We have legislation in Congress that would ensure that the DEA can’t interfere in states with marijuana legalization laws. And we’re exposing the appalling nature of the DEA, demanding real oversight and an end to its brutal, counter-productive tactics.

If you want to end the war on drugs, the DEA needs to be targeted. Help us do it. Donate today. 


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