February 22, 2015

ResponsibleOhio Revises Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Allows Home Grow

February 22, 2015
responsibleohio ohio marijuana

responsibleohio ohio marijuanaResponsibleOhio is trying to legalize recreational marijuana in Ohio during the 2016 Election. When ResponsibleOhio announced its marijuana legalization initiative, there was a lot of outcry from activists in Ohio and nationwide. Much of the criticism was directed at ResponsibleOhio’s initiative language which forbid home cultivation, and instead provided for only ten cultivation facilities for the entire state. That ‘monopoly model’ was very unpopular, but I’m happy to say that ResponsibleOhio has updated their initiative to include home cultivation. Per Cleveland.Com:

Pro-pot group ResponsibleOhio announced Tuesday it plans to allow adults age 21 and older to grow marijuana at home in a revised proposal to legalize the drug in Ohio for personal and medical use.

Retail customers would pay 5 percent tax on pot and edible pot products instead of the previously proposed rate of 15 percent.

“After extensive conversations with experts and concerned citizens across the state and nation, ResponsibleOhio has decided to include regulated and limited home growing as a part of our amendment,” ResponsibleOhio Spokesperson Lydia Bolander said in a press release. “Combined with a lower tax rate for consumers, these changes will make our communities safer by smothering the black market.”

Ohio residents will be allowed to apply for a license to grow up to four plants at home. In order for the initiative to get on the ballot, ResponsibleOhio has to gather 305,591 valid signatures by July 1st. The initiative has strong backing from some solid funders inside of the state. National funding looked like it wasn’t going to happen due to the language of the initiative, but I have to assume that since the language was changed to add home cultivation, there could be some help coming from outside of Ohio.


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