January 25, 2017

Rick Simpson Oil in the Snow

January 25, 2017
cannabis oil rick simpson cbd and Snow in Portland

From Tuesday, January 10 – when Flo drove our Prius into our garage – until Wednesday, January 18 – when she drove it out – she and the car where stuck in the house due to the ice and snow that descended upon Portland.

There was no way we could risk it. For me, on the other hand, with proper clothing and grippers on my boots, I had no problem walking the four miles to my Physical Therapy sessions, spending an hour working my core, then slowly walking the four miles back home.

It is so nice being able to medicate before leaving the house, taking a vape hit or two during a short pause (for the cause) along the way, and then taking a 15mg single dose medible before leaving the therapist’s office for the wander home.

However, the best part of the snow storm was that Flo left here Wednesday in our Prius and drove home in our new Subaru Outback! I just love this woman! She was so tired of not being able to get out due to having a vehicle that cannot handle the once in a decade snow event, and she did something about it. For those of you who don’t know, it is difficult for Flo to walk around in ice and snow because she developed Multiple Sclerosis while serving in the Army.

I am one of those rare folks who reads all of the instruction manuals, not just the 10 or so that came with the new car, but the ones for all of our appliances, etc. So I have spent each day since Thursday reading the books and taking the car out to learn about it. During one of these drives I stopped by my neighborhood Cannabis dispensary, Stone Age Farmacy. I love the name of this place, and enjoy the knowledgeable staff and products. I was looking for a Sativa vape pen cartridge, and spied a 0.5 gram Pure CO2 Oil applicator at a wonderful price and decided to try it.

Turns out that what I purchased is not a vape pen cartridge, but is what I have heard as “Rick Simpson Oil”, which is an oil one can smoke or eat. I tried to add a bit of the oil to a small nugget in my glass pipe but it was much too viscous to drip onto the nugget. So about an hour to so before heading off to my Physical Therapy session this morning, I spread a very small trail on my sausage/egg/English muffin breakfast sandwich and ate it up.

WOW! This was created from Strawberry Cough, a sativa cannabis, and I can honestly say that I haven’t been this buzzed since last April 20. This stuff is for real! Now I need to figure out my dosage size for this product. It’s a terrible job, but someone has to do it.


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