August 11, 2012

Seattle Hempfest 2012 Is Rapidly Approaching

August 11, 2012
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seattle hempfest 2012Seattle Hempfest Is August 17, 18, And 19

It’s less than a week away from the 2012 Seattle Hempfest, and I can hardly contain myself! It was up in the air as to whether The Weed Blog would be able to make it, but alas, we found funding at the last second! Well, I did, Jay Smoker has to stay home, sad face. But I assure everyone that I will smoke enough that weekend for the both of us. Confession – this is my first Seattle Hempfest ever. What in the world is wrong with me you ask? I have been asking myself that same questions :)

I have obviously always heard about Seattle Hempfest, and I have seen the videos on YouTube, but I have never been in attendance. As loyal readers know, I live in Oregon, so making the trek up to Seattle for the Hempfest is long overdue. I hope to see some of our readers there. I will be walking around in my Weed Blog shirt, so if you see me, make sure to say hello! Also, I hear it gets quite crowded there, and I’m short, so make sure to look down (and please don’t trample me!). I e-mailed the legendary Vivian McPeak for some pointers, and he said to be prepared to do a lot of walking, bring water, and show up early. Below is information about Seattle Hempfest 2012, taken from the Seattle Hempfest website:

Seattle Hempfest Mission Statement

Seattle Hempfest is founded in the belief that the public is better served when citizens and public officials work cooperatively in order to successfully accomplish common goals.

Objective and Purpose

To educate the public on the myriad of potential benefits offered by the Cannabis plant, including the medicinal, industrial, agricultural, economic, environmental, and other benefits and applications. In particular, Seattle Hempfest seeks to advance the cause of Cannabis policy reform through education, while advancing the public image of the Cannabis advocate or enthusiast through example.

Seattle Hempfest 2012 Speakers:

  • Matthew Abel Michigan NORML Executive Director, Attorney
  • Wes Abney The NorthWest Leaf Magazine Editor and Founder
  • Jared Allaway Sensible Washington State Volunteer Coordinator
  • Adam Assenberg Owner of Compassion 4 Patients and a D.J./Reporter with KRFP 92.5 FM
  • Ngaio Bealum Cannabis Comedian
  • Dr. David Bearman, M.D. American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, Vice President & Board Member; ASA, Board; Patients Out of Time, Advisory Board Member; Author ‘Demons, Discrimination and Dollars: A Brief History of the Origins of American Drug Laws’
  • Radical Russ Belville National Cannabis Radio, Host of ‘The Russ Belville Show’
  • Leland R. Berger NORML Legal Committee, Attorney
  • Allison Bigelow Volunteer Sensible Washington
  • Kurt Boehl Attorney Law Office of Kurt E. Boehl, PLLC
  • Kari Boiter Local Activist and Legislative Advocate
  • Cyril Bouanna Seattle Hempfest (Board of Directors) Sponsorship & Membership Director
  • Hilary Bricken Attorney Canna Law Group, a practice group of Harris & Moure, pllc
  • David Bronner Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps; Hemp Industry Association Board of Advisors
  • Bruce Buckner MendoBruce Activist
  • Greg Campbell Author of ‘Pot Inc: Inside Medical Marijuana, America’s Most Outlaw Industry’, published April 2012.
  • Greta Carter Executive Director WA Coalition of Cannabis Standards and Ethics (CCSE)
  • Jorge Cervantes Author of Marijuana Horticulture
  • Sam Chapman National Cannabis Coalition, Outreach Director, and Social Media Consultant
  • Stephen Collett California Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative, Treasurer
  • John Conroy Conroy Company, President Lawyer; NormlCanada, Founder
  • Alex Cooley Vice President Solstice Cooperative
  • Dominic Corva Sarah Lawrence College, Professor of Cannabis Geography
  • Dr. William Courtney, M.D. Cannabis International Founder
  • Cara Crabb-Burnham MassCann/NORML Director, Co-Founder NWANE, Co-Host Boston Pot Report Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition, NORML Women’s Alliance New England, Boston Pot Report
  • Rick Cusick High Times Associate Publisher
  • Dawn Darington Choice Wellness Center CEO
  • John B. Davis Seattle Hempfest, Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, National Cannabis Industry Association, NWPRC
  • Tonya Davis Ohio Patient Network, President; Miami Valley NORML; NORML Womens Alliance, Executive Director
  • Phillip Dawdy Safe Access Alliance media director
  • Steve D’Angelo Harborside Health Center, Executive Director
  • Christine Renee’ Delk Washington State Medical Cannabis patient recently raided by federal law enforcement
  • Aaron Dixon Former Black Panther Party Captain, Author ‘My People Are Rising’
  • Jared Dunn Compassionaite Idaho
  • Adam Eidinger Hemp Activist Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Public Affairs Director; Capitol Hemp Owner, Washington DC
  • Steve Elliott Journalist of “Toke of the Town/Toke Signals” online zine
  • Jodie Emery Wife of “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery; Cannabis Culture Headquarters & Magazine, Director
  • William Esbensen 45th Parallel Compassion Group, LLC Director/Co-Founder
  • Dr. Jake Felice, ND Naturopathic Physician
  • Omar Figueroa Attorney Law Offices of Omar Figueroa
  • Denny Finneran Crucial Hemp Owner
  • Bonnie Fong Hempfest Film Coordinator; Coalition of Cannabis Standards and Ethics Vice Executive Director; The Joint Cooperative Manager
  • Diane Fornbacher Vice Co-Chair NORML Women’s Alliance, HIGH TIMES Magazine Freedom Fighter Jan. 1999
  • Morgan Fox Marijuana Policy Project Communications Manager
  • Serra Frank Moms for Marijuana Founding Director
  • Matthew Gavin Frank Author of ‘Pot Farm’
  • Debby Goldsberry United Cannabis Collective Executive Director
  • Rep. Roger Goodman Washington State House of Representatives (D46)
  • Judge Jim Gray Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate with Gary Johnson2012
  • Jeremy Griffin Cannabis Defense Coalition, member and an organizer of Cannabis College
  • Pam Haley Cannabis Defense Coalition BoD, Washington State Potline “Report A Bust”
  • Mark Haskell Smith Author of Heart of Dankness: Underground Botanists, Outlaw Farmers, and the Race for the Cannabis Cup and the novel Baked.
  • Alison Holcomb Campaign Director for I502 New Approach Washington
  • Pete Holmes Seattle City Attorney and New Approach Washington I-502 Initiative Sponsor
  • Aaron Houston Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Executive Director; SAFER, Cofounder and Board Member
  • Gloria Kalteich President/Pastor The Continuum, et. al
  • Rob Kampia Marijuana Policy Project Executive Director
  • Jeanne Kohl-Welles State Senator Washington State Senate
  • Steve Kubby RegualteMarijuana 2014 Chief Officer and Campaign Manager
  • Ron Lawson City of Lacey Councilmember, Cannabis Healthcare Association, founder
  • Martin Lee Director Project CBD, Author of ‘Smoke Signals’
  • Monte Levine Board member Peoples’ Harm Reduction Alliance; Coordinator for Ostrich Bay Exchange
  • Steve Levine Hemp Industries Association (HIA), President; Vote Hemp, Director; Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Trade Show Mgr.
  • Nick Licata Seattle City Council Councilmember
  • Ben Livingston Cannabis Defense Coalition
  • Dr. Frank Lucido, M.D. Doctor of Medicine, Medical Cannabis Consultant
  • John Lucy IV Attorney at Law, Founder
  • Charles Lynch Software Developer Marijuana Freedom Fighter
  • Madeline Martinez Oregon NORML; World Famous Cannabis Cafe; Chief petitioner of Sensible Oregon
  • Martin Martinez Lifevine Collective Network, Executive Director
  • Vivian McPeak Seattle Hempfest, Executive Director
  • Doug McVay Common Sense for Drug Policy
  • Robert Melamede Associate Professor, CEO/President CBIS UCCS, Cannabis Science
  • The Moss Family Greta, Lauriene and Eve; Victims of the Drug War, Father and husband imprisoned 20 years for marijuana conspiracy.
  • Kristin Nevedal Emerald Growers Association
  • David Nott Reason Foundation, President
  • Kevin Oliver Washington NORML, Executive Director
  • David G Ostrow, MD, PhD NORC at University of Chicago, Senior Scientist; American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine , VP for Community Research; MACS, Director
  • Tim Pate Seattle Hempfest, Port Astordam Hemp Festival
  • William G. Panzer NORML, Board of Directors; Attorney; Coauthor of California’s Prop 215
  • Aaron Pelley Attorney of Pelley Law, PLLC
  • Robert Elliot Platshorn People United for Medical Marijuana PUFMM , Founder of Silver Tour , NORML of Florida, Director
  • Josh Rettie Plantbuilder
  • Lindsey Rinehart Compassionate Idaho; Idaho Medical Choice Act, Chief Petitioner
  • Ed Rosenthal Author of ‘Marijuana Grower’s Handbook’ Official Course Book for Oaksterdam University
  • George Rohrbacher Member of the Board of Directors of NORML
  • Julia Rose The Curator of the Peter McWilliams Online Museum
  • Ed Rosenthal Guru of Ganja; Executive Director of Green Aid: The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund
  • Dan Rush United Food and Commercial Workers International Union- Director, National Medical Cannabis and Hemp Division
  • Keith Saunders NORML Board of Directors, Host Boston Pot Report Massachusetts
  • Dave Seber Hemp Shield Company LLC, President
  • Lynette Shaw Former owner of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, licensed for 15 years.
  • Cheryl Shuman Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, RFMK — CANNAcig, Cheryl Shuman Inc., Hearst Digital Media Corporation
  • Don Skakie I-514 The Cannabis Child Protection Act, Campaign Director
  • Aaron Smith National Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director
  • Jacqui Spruce Australian advocate for the use of medical cannabis and former skin cancer patient.
  • Scott Stafne Attorney Stafne Law Firm
  • Paul Stanford THCF Medical Clinics, President; chief petitioner OCTA2012
  • Jill Stein Green Party 2012 Presidential Candidate for The United States of America
  • Jeffrey Steinborn NORML legal committee, NORML board of directors, Founder
  • Rick Steves Travel Show Host and New Approach Washington Sponsor I-502
  • Brian Stone Cannabis Defense Coalition, Board Member
  • DeMaris Strohm-Hughes The Wormhole, Minister
  • Keith Stroup NORML, Founder
  • Cody Swift Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
  • Oscar Velasco-Schmitz Director Dockside Coop
  • Clint Werner Author of the book “Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.”
  • Don E Wirtshafter DrugSense; Media Awareness Project, Chair
  • Jackie Woerlee Belangen Stichting Effectieve Medicinale Cannabis Head of Foundation
  • Henry Wykowski San Francisco tax attorney in landmark case of CHAMP V COMMISSIONER
  • Richard Zuckerman


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