July 28, 2014

Senator Rand Paul To Introduce Bill To Reschedule Marijuana

July 28, 2014
senator rand paul marijuana

senator rand paul marijuanaRand Paul, a Republican Senator from Kentucky, has been a very supportive politician when it comes to marijuana reform, which is rare in the United States Senate. It’s rare for Congress as a whole, but it’s especially rare in the Senate. This week Rand Paul introduced a bill that would protect states that legalized medical marijuana. Apparently Rand Paul has plans to introduce even more marijuana related legislation.

Rand Paul also proposed a stand-alone bill that would lower federal marijuana penalties for repeat offenders, and would also reform how federal law enforcement officials calculate the weight of marijuana found in edibles. Per US News:

“There’s no way to make any progress on this issue until the Senate takes a vote and the American people can know where their senators are,” the Paul aide says. “That’s the reason to file amendments to every bill that comes up – there might be an opportunity to force a vote and put the Senate on record.”

A vote by the Senate would be amazing. Then Americans, and marijuana supporters especially, can find out exactly how their elected officials feel about marijuana reform. Then supporters could target key politicians as needed, and call out those that are full of reefer madness. Rand Paul also intends to sponsor a bill that would reschedule marijuana, something that reformers have wanted for a long, long time. The fact that marijuana is a schedule 1 substance is a slap in the face to medicine, science, and logic.


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