July 25, 2014

Senators In Chile Want To Legalize Marijuana

July 25, 2014
Chile Legalized Medical Marijuana

Chile flagThis week the President of the Chilean Senate, Isabelle Allende Bussi, introduced a motion to change Chile’s marijuana laws to allow personal possession, cultivation, and use of marijuana. Other Chilean Senators that support the motion are Fulvio Rossi, Alfonso de Urresti, Carlos Montes, and Juan Palbo Letelier. The Senators in Chile are among a growing group of lawmakers worldwide that want to end failed marijuana prohibition policies and take a new approach to marijuana laws. Per Southern Pacific Review:

Senator Allende said that it was fundamental to move forward on a subject that respects fundamental human rights and individual freedom.

The Senator said, “It is important to legislate on this matter and regarding  fundamental rights we must catch up to be a a modern and inclusive society.”

If approved, the Chilean proposal would legalize up to three plants for personal use. The plants would have to be registered with Chile’s Department of Agriculture. Sales of marijuana would still be prohibited. Large scale traffickers and growers would still be investigated and prosecuted. I hope more countries get on board with reform, and join Uruguay, who legalized marijuana at the end of last year.


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