Show-Me Cannabis Money Bomb Raises Over $5,000


By John Payne

missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meeting

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Money Bomb over the Fourth of July holiday weekend! In total, you contributed $3,515 in one-time donations and $300 in recurring pledges. Since we count the recurring contributions as five times the value of non-recurring ones, that totals $1,500 in recurring contributions and $5,015 overall.

Unfortunately, we did not reach our $10,000 goal over the weekend. In part, I think that is due to the fact that many people were out of town for the long weekend, which was less of an issue the past two years when the Fourth fell closer to the middle of the week.

Still, this was our most successful Independence Day Money Bomb to date, and it represents steady and substantial progress from its humble beginnings in 2012. However, we cannot stop yet!

We still need to meet the $10,000 goal, and our matching contributors have generously agreed to extend the deadline on the contributions they will match. A successful legalization campaign will require more than the support of just a few large contributors, and they want to help us build the broad base of support necessary for victory. Will you join them and triple your impact by making a contribution now?

I know that 2016 still seems like a long way off, but, in political terms, it is right around the corner, and we have to lay the groundwork now. We hope to turn in an initiative the day after the 2014 elections and contract with a signature gathering company to begin collecting signatures by the beginning of 2015.

In the meantime, there are a number of ways we would like to expand our efforts:

  • An ever greater media presence statewide.
  • Production of more content, particularly video and audio, such as our new weekly video podcast.
  • Engaging undecideds and opponents at public political events statewide.
  • Further research into Missouri's drug task forces and drug law enforcement, as seen in Aaron Malin's latest article.
  • A series of concerts starting in spring 2015 to register voters, educate activists, and, eventually, get out the vote.

A successful team relies on contributions from all of its players, and your teammates need your help now, so don't sit on the sidelines. Jump in the game by making a contribution now!

Source: National Cannabis Coalition - make a donation