Show-Me Cannabis Releases Legislative Scorecard


By Aaron Malin

marijuana election 2014

Following the 2014 Missouri legislative session, Show-Me Cannabis created a voter scorecard for incumbent legislators to better inform voters in the upcoming election. Four bills were passed by the Missouri General Assembly this session that are particularly relevant to our efforts at cannabis policy reform.

Show-Me Cannabis endorsed all four of such bills that received floor votes in the 2014 legislative session. Voting for one of these scored bills gained a candidate one point (+1) in our scorecard, while voting against them cost a candidate one point (-1). Legislators received a +2 point bonus for sponsoring any endorsed legislation, and a +1 point bonus for co-sponsorship.

In addition to the four bills receiving floor votes that are scored below, Show-Me Cannabis also endorsed six other bills legalizing to various degrees industrial hemp, medical cannabis, and recreational cannabis [HB 1659, SB 951, HJR 86, HB 2054, HB 1325, HB 1324]. Sponsors and co-sponsors of these pieces of legislation received the +2 point bonus and +1 point bonus, respectively. Additionally, committee chairs who allowed these six awesome bills to move forward with hearings receive a +2 point bonus.

The four bills receiving floor votes and being scored by Show-Me Cannabis are HB 2238 (CBD Oil), SJR 27 (electronic privacy amendment), SB 491 (criminal code revision), and SB 680 (food stamps for drug offenders).

You can view the entire scorecard here.

Source: Show Me Cannabis - donation