June 3, 2013

Silver Tour Lobby Day Will Be First Ever Senior Marijuana Rally In Nation’s Capitol

June 3, 2013
robert platshorn silver tour washington dc rally event seniors senior citizens

robert platshorn silver tour washington dc rally event seniors senior citizensBy Robert Platshorn

Imagine, if you will, a hundred angry senior citizens storming Capitol Hill demanding safe access to medical marijuana. With your support, that will happen. — at a crucial time.

Plans are set for the first-ever senior marijuana rally and lobbying event in Washington, D.C., on June 17.

The event is produced by a partnership of The Silver Tour and Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP).

The seniors will be in town to lobby the House of Representatives for passage of an important amendment HR 1523 to prevent the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states with legal cannabis.

If passed, it opens the door for other states that are holding back on medical or legalization for fear of the feds,” said Robert Platshorn, leader of The Silver Tour, who was featured in the hit Showtime movie, Square Grouper. The Silver Tour was recently spotlighted on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, CNN Money and on the front page of The Wall Street Journal.

Platshorn has a demonstrated ability to inspire seniors to action when it comes to the medical marijuana issue. Politically active seniors are the secret weapon for marijuana legalization; once we have that demographic firmly on our side, nationwide cannabis legalization is all but a done deal.

“Two things occurred to me,” Platshorn told us. “This is clearly a key amendment. If passed, it will not only affect legal states, it would clear the way for all those states that are defying public demand for medical marijuana, by claiming fear of federal action.

National media companies have already made plans to cover this amazing Rally. Seniors, veterans, students, entertainers and movement celebs are flying, driving and carpooling in from all over the country.

Free buses will run from PA, NJ and MD. Buses will arrive Capitol Hill by 11.30 a.m.

We will all meet by noon at Capitol Hill Visitors Center restaurant, where you can eat and pickup your credentials, then proceed to lobby the representatives. At 4 PM we meet back at The Visitors Center for a free Reception Buffet with speakers and entertainment and depart by 6 p.m.

There is no charge to Seniors (over 50) or Veterans for Registration, Credentials, Bus, or Lunch.


Bus seats and Reception/Buffet tickets are limited.

After registering for credentials, please sign up for free buses and lunch tickets.

If you are arriving by your own transportation please register yourself and all guests traveling with you.

IF you would like to create an opportunity for another senior or veteran to attend? You can do so by covering the costs of your Registration/Credentials ($10), Reception/Buffet ($20), and Charter Bus seat ($25). Donate that or any amount at our in the upper right corner of Silver Tour website.

Details-Registration-Donations www.thesilvertour.org.

We have raised $5,314 to pay for this event and now seem to be stuck. We need to reach or come very close to our goal of $10,0000 to be able to accommodate all the seniors and veterans who have requested to join us on Capitol Hill. Plans were for one hundred attendees, that appears to be doubling.  We need to provided extra credentials, extra buffet for additional 50-100, and maybe another bus.

We raised this much from only 75 people, not such a great average considering what the Silver Tour has done to motivate and mobilize million of mainstream and  senior voters. Consider the national impact this event will have and the benefits that can follow quickly. There must be 75 more people out there who can get us to our goal.  Give us a hand www.thesilvertour.org.


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