January 19, 2017

#Simon2Zion: Black Widow Tackles the Mini Triathlon [Part 4]

January 19, 2017
black widow and triathlon

With the way my training schedule has been looking lately, you would think I was training for a triathlon and not a 100-mile ultra-marathon. And with the amount of pot I’ve been smoking, you would think I was trying to set a world record for how many consecutive hours out of the day can you be stoned, and in came another strain called Black Widow that I added with my training.

I’ve been making out with so many different types of Mary Jane’s in the last few weeks. So much so, I can’t even keep them all straight without my random notes of how I feel while working out and how my body reacts during recovery and trying to figure out which strains to write about. All this while I’m contemplating my ultra training workouts and my marijuana use and how I’m utilizing it for training.

There’s been so much snow dumping on Portland this winter that a lot of my workouts have been inside – which has its pros and cons. In the last few weeks, I got in the habit of smoking a bowl with my morning coffee while looking at the scheduled work out for the day. Some of these days were long; 5 to 6 hours with multiple sports and strength training.

I also got in the habit of smoking a bowl between transitions from one activity to the next. Sometimes I switch up the strain, sometimes I keep it consistent. Then I smoke a different kind of strain at night for recovery or to help me sleep. I pretty much have been stoned and exercising for like two weeks straight. (I’m not sure if I should be laughing or concerned!)

One morning I chose to smoke a strain called Black Widow. It was suggested to me by a budtender at a new dispensary I was touring. They said the strain was a lot like Race Fuel, which I haven’t been able to find in awhile and is like my all-time favorite Mary Jane to work out with.

So, I figured I would give Black Widow a try before my lengthy day of a: 2-hour run, 2-mile swim and a 30-minute bike ride, with at least 30 minutes of PT exercises and foam rolling. Did I mention that it is cold outside and all my workouts have been at the gym?

Thank God I enjoy the gym I go to. I like this place so much I post photos of my check-ins on my Instagram about this place. Ever since I started training for Zion, I made the decision to add altitude training to my regiment. The only place in Portland city limits that has an altitude room is Evolution Healthcare and Fitness. Plus many of the staff engage in endurance sports.

So I promptly head to the gym after coffee and my chat with Black Widow. I find that she kept me focused while running 12.5 miles on a treadmill at 11,100ft of altitude.  My body was relaxed. I felt like it was easy to tape into my targeted heart rate and I was able to keep it with varied speeds and inclines. I stayed entertained and motivated while watching the numbers change on the screen…smiling at every 420 I saw.

I was also able to listen to a book but only for about an hour before losing focus with the content. That’s  a normal length of an attention span for me.

After lunch and before the pool, I kissed a favorite love, Cinex.  She turns me on with her stinky sweet smell. Just like her taste, always so sweet and full of flavor. Cinex enhances my creativity and helps with my endurance.

Part of me was dreading the 2 mile swim in a 50 meter pool, watching the tiles of the bottom go by. At one point during the swim, I entertained myself with the animal like noises I was making every time I blew out air under the water. I started to pretend I was some sort of land creature that didn’t know how to swim and I was being hunted by some sort of sea monster.

The fantasy was highly entertaining and took my mind off of how slowly time was moving. I also recall making a game out of how many strokes I could make without lifting my head to breathe. That got me motivated to swim faster, for sure.

Promptly when returning home, I packed my bong with some more Black Widow and puffed away. She helped me through a 30-minute stationary bike ride. I hate stationary bike. However, I’m tolerating it and making the most of it since it’s so cold out.

Perched like a large bird up on my workout bike, I eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while staring at the walls of my living room. I zone out quickly, but I’m not sure if it was because of the massive bowl I packed before getting in the saddle or if I was just getting fatigued from the long day. Whichever, I do recall enjoying my pb’n’j and contemplated it’s nutritional value and how I could make it cannabis infused.

I believe peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have the perfect balance of protein, fat, simple sugar and carbohydrates. It has became my favorite food to eat while on my long runs. Sometimes I have even found myself daydreaming often about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, especially when I’m hungry!

That evening I decided to try a new CBD strain called MediHaze. She was very tasty and fresh like little Pine trees. She definitely helped with knee pain while still keeping my head clear. My body felt like it was floating on a cloud as I lounged with my feet up on my couch watching reruns of X-Files with my boyfriend.

*Bonus: I also didn’t deal with dry mouth today.


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