April 27, 2010

Sonoma County to Host Marijuana Based DA Debate

April 27, 2010

Medical Cannabis Forum

Meet District Attorney Candidates Stephan Passalacqua & Jill Ravitch
Wednesday, April 28th 6:30-8:30pm

Sonoma County Central Library
211 E. Street @ 3rd in Downtown Santa Rosa

Come hear candidates debate the following topics:

Local guidelines and prosecution standards
Collectives, cooperatives, and dispensaries
California November ballot initiative

Moderated by Sonoma County Public Defender, Joe Rogoway
Free Event. Refreshments provided. Vote on June 8th!

Sponsored with the support of California Law Institute, Sonoma Patients Group, Peace in Medicine, and Organicann. Hosted by Sonoma Alliance for Medical Marijuana (SAMM) and the Sonoma chapter of Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

The questions that have been presented to the candidates include:

Local Guidelines

Recently, a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court of California in Kelly held that persons with state issued identification cards are immune from arrest for amounts of cannabis within the guidelines set forth in Health and Safety Code §11362.77. Since our County Guidelines are authorized by Health and Safety Code §11362.77, will your administration guarantee immunity from arrest for authorized persons in Sonoma County to possess and cultivate 3 pounds, and 30 plants within 100 square feet? Is a voluntary state ID card required for this immunity, or is a doctor’s recommendation sufficient?


Please state your definition of a lawful medical cannabis collective, and, a lawful Cooperative. If elected what guidelines will your office utilize when instructing members of law enforcement, district attorney’s office, and the community as to the lawfulness of Collectives? Cooperatives?


Both of our candidates are working in offices with rising cannabis prosecution rates. What guidelines will you give your administration as to selecting and prosecuting medical marijuana cases? How will you ensure that deputies & law officer’s enforcement will be consistent with your administration’s guidelines?

Return of Property

In cases where charges are filed and dismissed, and the patient seeks to have their medical cannabis related & articles returned, what will be the policy of your administration?

MCDC Ordinance

Currently the Sonoma County Medical Cannabis dispensary ordinance is being challenged in civil court. In the meantime, Sonoma County will not accept dispensary applicants. What are your thoughts on how to be compliant with state & local law as a storefront provider in Sonoma County?

November Ballot Initiative

It was confirmed that enough signatures were collected to put a tax and regulate (marijuana) initiative on California’s November ballot. Assuming that the measure passes and California legalizes cannabis, what changes do you anticipate for medical cannabis patients and what policies will need to be reconsidered in the District Attorney’s office?


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