Sponsors Cancel Oregon Anti-Marijuana Summit After Scandal

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Anti-marijuana organizations and supporters were going to hold an anti-marijuana summit in Madras, Oregon. That was, until it became known that federal tax dollars were going to be helping put on the event. The event was scheduled before the November election, during which Oregon voters will be voting on marijuana legalization. After the scandal was discovered and reported by Oregon media outlet Willamette Week, sponsors of the event pulled the plug. Per The Oregonian:

A nonprofit group has canceled an October anti-drug summit in Madras -- which was to feature a prominent opponent of marijuana legalization -- after complaints were raised by sponsors of the ballot measure that would permit recreational use of the drug.

The sponsors of the legalization initiative, Measure 91, charged this week that it was wrong for summit organizers to use federal funds to help pay for an appearance by Kevin Sabet, a former White House drug adviser who has formed an organization opposing marijuana legalization.

Sabet was also scheduled to appear in 12 other Oregon cities as part of an "Oregon Marijuana Education Tour" following the summit.  Sabet had said that, at the request of organizers, he would not talk about the ballot measure at either the Madras event or on the tour.

I'm ecstatic that the event was cancelled, and I'm hopeful that the other 12 stops on 'Kevin Sabet's Reefer Madness Propaganda Tour' are also cancelled. It's in poor taste that Kevin Sabet is pretending that he's just educating the public, and that there's no political agenda behind his tour. Let me get this straight Mr. Sabet, there's no political agenda, yet the only time you seem to visit Oregon is when marijuana reform votes are about to occur. The last time Kevin Sabet was here it was to lobby the Oregon Legislature into voting no on marijuana legalization. Now with Oregon poised to legalize marijuana, not only does he come back, but he is on a double digit stop tour, trying as hard as he can to make marijuana sound like it's the same as tobacco. I can't wait until Oregon legalizes marijuana this November so I never have to hear about Kevin Sabet visiting my home state ever again.