August 27, 2012

Springfield, Missouri City Council Votes To Decriminalize Marijuana

August 27, 2012
show me cannabis regulation initiative marijuana

show me cannabis regulation initiative marijuanaIt’s A Big Day For Cannabis Reform In Springfield, Missouri

A Springfield, Missouri, ordinance, heavily funded by the National Cannabis Coalition, came before the Springfield City Council tonight, August 27, and have voted to pass the ordinance, instead of having the voters have their say in November.  On one hand, the vote is certainly a major victory for the hardworking Show-Me Cannabis activists in Missouri.  On the other hand, our work is not done, as members of the city council have vowed to “gut” the measure when they will have the opportunity to alter the measure after 30 days.  Springfield Cannabis Regulation, an off-shoot of Show-Me Cannabis, did a great job on the ground, putting this measure before the city council and leading a great lobbying effort that led to its passage.

We will help Springfield activists effectively lobby their city council, so that the measure will remain one that protects personal cannabis users from arrest and criminal penalties while allowing law enforcement resources to be better utilized fighting serious and violent crime.  If the city council turns the measure into one that doesn’t meet these, goals, activists will continue to fight for an ordinance that effectively decriminalizes personal amounts of cannabis.

For now, celebrate this win Missouri cannabis activists as you have achieved a major victory in forcing a conservative city council in voting for a cannabis decriminalization measure.  As usual, the work of a cannabis activists won’t be completely done, but go ahead and celebrate, as you certainly deserve it.

Published with special permission from the National Cannabis Coalition


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