August 2, 2012

Springfield, Missouri Marijuana Decriminalization Initiative Gets Enough Signatures

August 2, 2012
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missouri marijuanaMarijuana Decriminalization Signature Gathering Campaign In Springfield Is A Success

Just got word from activists on the ground that Springfield, Missouri, residents will be voting on whether to decriminalize personal amounts of cannabis this November. The Springfield City Clerk just notified the Show-Me Cannabis activists that the city had certified 2,130 signatures, more than the 2,101 signatures needed, with over a day to spare! While it is possible that the Springfield City Council will pass the measure outright, it is much more likely that the council will refer the measure to the voters. A sincere thanks to the many activists that put in the work and sacrificed during the blistering Missouri summer to put real cannabis law reform on the ballot.

As I have previously blogged, the National Cannabis Coalition is proud to have donated over $3,000 to this important signature drive, an effort that will have people in Middle America talking about cannabis law reform. Hopefully, this measure will spark a state-wide effort in Missouri as well as help convince other cities and state’s to follow suit.

Columbia, Missouri, demonstrated that cannabis decriminalization can be accomplished in the heartland and NCC will be supporting the Springfield effort every step of the way to help these activists achieve victory this November. Springfield, Missouri’s third-largest city is a very conservative city in the middle of the Bible Belt, so cannabis law reform probably won’t be achieved easily. However, victory in this conservative city will provide a blueprint and hope for cities throughout the country who may not have thought such reform was possible.

Please consider making a donation to NCC so that we can assist Springfield achieve an important victory, as well as help other important causes and candidates across the country.

Published with special permission from the National Cannabis Coalition


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