June 23, 2013

Support A Missouri Cannabis Reform Media Campaign Near You

June 23, 2013
missouri cannabis reform media campaign

missouri cannabis reform media campaignBy John Payne

Back in April, we launched a month-long run of 300 ads on the 105.7 The Point (KPNT) in Saint Louis at a cost of $1,500. That campaign paid off in spades with nearly 3,000 subscribers opting-in to our mobile campaign. As I wrote in the last newsletter, we want to extend that success statewide.

To that end, I have created a number of new contribution pages that will allow you to contribute to advertising in specific media markets across the state. You can find the specific markets listed below along with the estimated cost of a month-long radio campaign there and a link to the contribution page:

I will keep you updated on the progress towards these goals. Contribute now if you want your area to be the next to hear ads from Show-Me Cannabis!

Furthermore, contributing to any of the media campaigns counts toward joining the contributor levels I wrote about last week:

  • Show-Me Cannabis Club ($10 a month or a $100 one-time donation): Gives you access to a monthly webchat with board members, and I will mail you a SMC wristband with a handwritten thank you note.
  • Cannabis Freedom Fighter ($20 a month or a $200 one-time donation): Gives you a monthly webchat and wristband as well as a T-shirt and free admission to an annual strategy session with board members and key legislators in December.
  • Cannabis Crusaders ($100 a month or a $1,000 one-time donation): First and second level incentives as well as free admission to our conferences and post-conference fundraising dinners and an annual contributor and volunteer recognition event.

Give voice to cannabis law reform in your area by contributing now!

Source: National Cannabis Coalitionmake a donation


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