May 21, 2015

Support For Marijuana Legalization In Washington Grows

May 21, 2015
marijuana legalization support gallup poll

marijuana legalization support washingtonWashington voters approved marijuana legalization on Election Day in 2012. Washington was one of two states that did so during that election, Colorado of course being the other one. Oregon also voted on marijuana legalization that year, but lost. Fortunately Oregon was successful two years later, along with Alaska and Washington D.C.. Washington has had a much bumpier implementation of marijuana legalization compared to Colorado, but according to a recent poll, support for marijuana legalization is even stronger than before in Washington, despite the issues. Per Public Policy Polling:

Over the last couple elections voters in Washington legalized gay marriage and marijuana, and enacted background checks on all gun sales. Our newest poll in the state finds that all three of those new laws are even more popular now after being implemented than they were when voters first approved them.

Also in 2012 Washingtonians voted to legalize marijuana usage by 12 points. Now voters in the state say they support marijuana being legal by 19 points, 56/37. 77% of voters say marijuana being legal has either had a positive impact on their life or no impact at all, with likewise only 22% claiming marijuana legalization has affected them negatively.

Washington voters were on the leading edge of legalizing gay marriage, marijuana, and extended background checks. And since those policies went in effect the verdict has been no big deal, leading to their increasing popularity.

Apparently there is no buyer’s remorse in Washington. Marijuana opponents stated over and over during the campaign that an approval of marijuana legalization on Election Day would be something that voters would come to regret. If this poll is any indication, those predictions were clearly wrong. Polling in Colorado has shown similar results as far as a boost in support for legalization after marijuana was legalized.


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