February 22, 2016

Support Garret Overstreet As He Battles Cancer

February 22, 2016
garret overstreet cancer

garret overstreet cancerGarret Overstreet is a freedom fighter all the way. If you are able to support his crowdfunding effort, please do. Below is more information, via his Crowdrise page:

Charity work, volunteering, and donations are a big part of my life. I volunteer for so many organizations, I’ve lost count. From politics to natural disasters, I have spent more than a decade working to make the world a bit better for everyone, especially those who may not have a voice.  Even my full-time job is at a non-profit.

I contribute to policy reform organizations around the globe changing our nation’s drug policies on things.

I also work with groups supporting veterans suffering from PTSD and several other groups supporting children with various special needs, mostly through OK CHIVE, an amazing group of amazing people doing amazing things.

I’m a sucker for a good cause, and it’s weird to be in the asking end of help.  Last month, on my birthday, I was diagnosed with Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, which was better than the first guess of nasopharyngeal carcinoma.  It’s a common enough cancer that treatment is relatively easy to find, but can be difficult for the average person to afford or get financial support during  a long recovery.  This can be a problem for many without health insurance.  I was lucky enough that my job provided such, but that still only goes so far.  In a few weeks, I’ve already spent thousands on doctor bills, tests, treatments, copays, and various medications, and it grows every day.  This can become overbearing for many families.  I would like to give a bit more to those who may not have the same benefits I do.

I ask for your help to extend the support beyond just me. I would like to give a bit more to those who may not have the same benefits I do.  With CrowdRise, we can exponentially reach out to patients and make new friends.  My friends and family have already shown so much strength and support.  I’d like to extend that support those around me suffering from various types of cancer at the Hilcrest Oncology floor in a bit different way.  There are too many various costs to say exactly how much my treatment alone will cost, not to mention that of other patients.  We can, however, bring awareness to help support those uninsured and those who deserve some payback.  I noticed some rooms were missing couches (which families use to stay over and support those they love… Which made the world of difference for me), and I felt compelled to do more than just raise money for supporting me in my time of need.  It would be awesome to raise enough to establish a foundation for uninsured families, there are a lot of things we can do with just a little support.

I’m uncertain of how long I’ll be in treatment or at different centers, and I’m unsure of all my goals after, but I’d like to give back to those who have helped me during my recovery.  I want to help make covering basic living costs a bit simpler.  Things tend to add up when you’re sitting in a hospital bed for weeks not working.  I’d like to offer support to those who are uninsured but still deserve the right to live. I’d like to make sure every room has enough furniture for family and friends.  I’d like to reach out to those helping us along the way, and possibly set up some forms of payback so they know they’re not alone.

I need help with my expenses, and hopefully we can reach beyond that to help others some way or another.  I just don’t want to be the only recipient of your support!

Create a team, or join one, and support Garret Overstreet on his long road to recovery and help him reach out to others in need while recovering from Lymphoma.

1. Support Garret’s Medical Bills and Care

2. Raise money for Hillcrest Oncology Floor


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