Survey: More Support For Marijuana Sales Than Unpasteurized Milk Sales


Marijuana is safer than a lot of things according to science and public opinion. It is well know that marijuana is safer than alcohol and tobacco. According to a survey that was recently released, survey participants felt that marijuana is also safer than unpasteurized milk, and that there is more support for marijuana sales than unpasteurized milk sales. Per Time:

raw milk unpasteurized milk marijuana

Some 59% of Americans support a ban on the sale of raw, unpasteurized milk, while just 47% support a ban on the sale of marijuana, according to Oklahoma State University's Food Demand Survey. The U.S. currently has a patchwork of different laws regarding raw milk. States like New York and Iowa ban the retail sale of raw milk, while California and Idaho permit it.

Below are stats on unpasteurized milk from the Center for Disease Control, all of which don't apply to marijuana and make the case that marijuana is clearly safer:

  • During 1993-2006, 121 outbreaks reported to CDC were caused by dairy products where the investigators could determine if the dairy product was pasteurized or unpasteurized (raw). These outbreaks included 4,413 illnesses, 239 hospitalizations, and 3 deaths.
  • 73 outbreaks (46 from fluid milk and 27 from cheese) were caused by raw milk, and 48 outbreaks (10 from fluid milk and 38 from cheese) were caused by pasteurized milk.
  • Probably no more than 1% of the milk consumed in the United States is raw, yet more outbreaks were caused by raw milk than by pasteurized milk.
  • If you consider the number of outbreaks caused by raw milk in light of the very small amount of milk that is consumed raw, the risk of outbreaks caused by raw milk is at least 150 times greater than the risk of outbreaks caused by pasteurized milk.