November 24, 2015

Take The 2016 Ohio Marijuana Legalization Survey

November 24, 2015
ohio marijuana legalization 2016

ohio marijuana legalization 2016The 2015 Ohio marijuana legalization effort resulted in more debate than any other marijuana legalization initiative I have ever seen. I received e-mails on a daily basis leading up to the campaign, from people that hated the initiative, people that supported the initiative, people that hated me for supporting the initiative, and from people who hated me for opposing the initiative. I didn’t come across one person that felt the now failed initiative was perfect, and everyone had recommendations for how to improve it.

2016 is right around the corner, and if Ohio is going to get back on the ballot in 2016 with a better initiative, things need to happen very quickly. The first step is drafting an initiative that is better than the 2015 effort, and complies with Issue 2, which passed during the 2015 Election and created new requirements for certain types of political efforts. ResponsibleOhio is back, and willing to push for a free market legalization initiative.

They have put a survey online, and are asking for input from Ohioans as to what should be included (and not included) in the new initiative. This is your chance to have your voice heard. I know that people are still upset about the 2015 effort, and I would say that rather than keep those feelings bottled up, instead focus them towards the survey and help make 2016 happen.

You can access the survey at this link here. Ohio cannot be left behind. There is obviously strong support for marijuana legalization in Ohio, as proven by many polls leading up to the 2015 Election. Ohio voters rejected Issue 3, not legalization. Ohio is ripe for reform. There were many, many people and organizations out there that opposed Issue 3 because ‘they could do better in 2016.’ Well, now is the chance to make good on those claims. The time to organize is now. Ohio patients and consumers are depending on it.


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