December 18, 2012

Team Vendetta Announces Release Of The Great “aPOTcalypse” On 12-21-2012

December 18, 2012

team vendetta anonymous apotcalypseTeam Vendetta Makes Announcement With Anonymous In Support Of Marijuana Reform

The following message was posted on Team Vendetta’s website, along with the video also found below:

Greetings from Anonymous and Team Vendetta,

When Team Vendetta joined the legalization movement, one of the things we wanted to accomplish was to bring something new to the legalization movement. Also we have noticed the polarization of the 420 community due to infighting so the team wanted to develop something that would help bring the cannabis community back together again to fight the war on cannabis oppression as one. We would like to give the 420 community an online voice and the power to protest on a different level. Anonymous is actually one of the newest and truest democracies due to its collective decisions. Its own checks and balances ensures that Anonymous is just not another bully, but rather a collective conscience as a whole. Team Vendetta has decided to give you a new voice, and weapon to fight the oppressors in the war against Cannabis. This form of protest is illegal, but it is peaceful and non violent, and requires collective approval and involvement to accomplish. This form of protest is new to the 420 community and empowering and also exciting. This form of protest is called a ddos attack, and unless you are skilled it takes a large number of people to execute. To perform a successful ddos attack, you need the right target, and a large number of people firing LOIC and HOIC canons, along with a variety of other weapons. Basically, you are firing lasers of information packets and overriding the target`s system, until it shuts down. The target is usually up again in a few hrs, but it lets the target know you are unhappy with their actions. Team Vendetta would like to show you how this form of protest is done, so the 420 community can start to have a new voice in a new age of technology. Basically, there are 3 things you need to perform a ddos attack. 1 you need a proxy or some form of online anonymity 2 you need a target 3 you need a weapon to attack the target with. We will provide you with these basic elements and teach you how to use them for purely “educational purposes” (wink wink).

1 You need some form of proxy to hide your identity
(we will be covering this with posts starting 12-17-12)

2 The target (starting on 12-18-12 we will talk about
choosing a target)

3 Your weapon (on 12-18-12 we will post about LOIC’s and
HOIC’s and other web tools and give links to download
each) *LOIC and HOIC =Low Orbit Ion Cannon and High Orbit Ion Cannon

on 12-19 & 20-2012 we will go over all subjects.
(again for just educational purposes)

Release of the Team Vendetta Cannon: HARPI (High Attendendce Redundant Packet Injector [HARPI]) in the following daze. Stay tuned…..!!!!

Please keep track on how to participate in the aPOTcalyse on the team facebook and twitter pages in the links below.




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