Ted Cruz Says He Would Respect Colorado's Decision To Legalize Marijuana While On Campaign Trail


Ted Cruz has been creeping up on delegates on the Republican side of the 2016 Election for President. Currently he sits 198 delegates behind front runner Donald Trump. That delegate count comes after Ted Cruz won Colorado over the weekend. Saturday Ted Cruz was asked about his views on Colorado's marijuana laws, and he echoed comments that he has made recently in support of states' rights. Per Biz Journals:

ted cruz marijuana

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, during a stop in Colorado, said that the legalization of recreational marijuana is a matter that "we should leave to the states," adding that he hasn't made up his mind about expanding banking services to marijuana businesses.

In an interview with the Denver Post's John Frank on Saturday, Cruz said that he would vote against legalizing pot in his home state of Texas, but added, "The people of Colorado have made a different decision. I respect that decision."

Ted Cruz is by no means a champion for the marijuana community, and in the past was very critical about Obama's lack of action opposing state marijuana legalization. But he seems to have evolved on this issue, and at least seems to respect states' rights when it comes to marijuana policy. Ted Cruz's position on marijuana policy is important, because as the primaries go along and if he keeps gaining ground on Donald Trump, he could be the GOP nominee. It will be interesting to see if his position stays the same or if he 'evolves' on the issue again if/when he becomes the front runner.