May 8, 2012

Tell Congress To Stop Paying For Medical Marijuana Attacks

May 8, 2012
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Federal medical marijuanaBy Steph Sherer

The US House of Representatives may vote at any minute on an amendment to the Appropriations Bill that will remove funding for medical cannabis enforcement. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is calling on patients and advocates nationwide to call Congress to support the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr Amendment to stop federal interference with medical cannabis.

Take a minute right now to call your Representative to support them Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr Amendment today. ASA’s online action center makes it easy to locate your Federal Representative. Please call using the following script:

Representative __________________–


I am calling to urge you to vote yes on the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr Amendment to the Appropriations bill. This amendment would prevent the Department of Justice from wasting federal funds to interfere with state-sanctioned medical cannabis (marijuana) programs and would allow states to implement their laws without federal interference. Millions of Americans use medical cannabis to treat the symptoms of cancer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pain, and other serious conditions. Sixteen states have legalized that use and are working to find real solutions for safe access to medicine.

Please vote yes for the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr Amendment of 2012 to protect legal access to medical cannabis in the states!

We have seen a dramatic escalation in federal interference and intimidation in medical cannabis states over the last year. There have been more Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raids, federal audits, and threats against patients, providers, and elected officials under this Administration. The only reason the DEA can keep raiding medical cannabis patients and providers is because Congress is paying for it. The Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr Amendment will cut off that funding in states where medical cannabis is already legal.

Help us tell Congress to stop the federal attack and let states regulate medical cannabis. Support the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr Amendment today.

From American For Safe Access


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