March 12, 2013

Texas Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Has Committee Hearing Today

March 12, 2013
texas norml region conference marijuana cannabis

texas house bill 184 marijuana decriminalizationThe following information was posted on Texas NORML’s website yesterday. Sorry for the delay. If there is any place in America that needs a bill like this to pass, it’s Texas! Below is the information:

COMMITTEE MEETING ACTION ALERT: Hello to all of our wonderful fans and freedom fighters. HB184 (Decrim for under an ounce) is scheduled for a public hearing tomorrow in the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, E2 (basement level), room 016. The Capitol is open at 7am and you can check in online as early as 8am, either from the Capitol using their iPads or your own iPad using the Capitol’s wi-fi. You can read more about creating an account ahead of time and how the process works from here, the video demonstration is particularly helpful as it shows each screen you will complete when registering:

The hearing is scheduled for 10:30am, and our bill is listed as 2nd for the day, however we have been told by several legislative staffers that because the House members will be meeting at 10am, they’re not likely to be in the committee hearing room until 11 or 11:30am. We have reserved E2.024 near the hearing room for us to meet up and strategize while we wait for HB184. We are listed as 2nd in line, but they may call the bills out of order and get those that do not have witness testimony out of the way before calling ours or any others with witnesses signed in to testify. Each person who signs up as a witness and indicates that they’d like to tesity will have 3 minutes of time to tell their story before moving to the next witness.

We understand some of you may not be able to stay and testify at the hearing, but you can still show how much you support this bill and be an important part of the progress being made. If you’re not able to stay long at the Capitol or are not comfortable sharing your testimony publicly, just try and stop by sometime between 8 and the early afternoon or during your lunch tomorrow and sign in your support for the the bill using the info from the link we provided and just by doing that, you can help us by showing a greater strength in the number of those who want to change these bogus laws and stop punishing non-violent offenders. For more information on tesitying on an issue here in Texas, we’ve also added this link as well to help you feel more confident as you’re taking these steps as a citizen to help end this senseless war on our people:

Thank you all and Yes We Cannabis!

Source: Texas NORML


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