December 3, 2014

Thank You, Oregon Voters And Cannabis Activists Worldwide

December 3, 2014
Legalize Marijuana uruguay

Legalize Marijuana uruguayIt has been nearly a month since Oregon passed Measure 91 with over 56% of the vote to legalize and regulate marijuana for all adults. I have been literally on cloud 9(1) since this measure passed and I couldn’t be more proud of being a part of a measure that will greatly improve the lives of many Oregonians and will help legalize cannabis in even more states in 2016 and beyond.

Recently, Johnny Green singled me out, among others marijuana law reform advocates for helping pass legalization in Oregon. I am honored that Johnny would name me and that many, many people have shared their appreciation for my activism. Well, I throw that appreciation right back to each and every person that has ever fought to end the failed and harmful policy of cannabis prohibition. When members of the cannabis community congratulate me, I often respond, “Congratulations to all of us!” Congratulating and thanking everyone that has fought to legalize marijuana is pertinent because so many people have sacrificed so much for this cause. Some people have literally given their lives for this important cause and they should never be forgotten, including the late and great Jim Klahr, one of my mentors.

Since the passage of Measure 91, there have already been positive developments and the legalization hasn’t even been enacted yet (that starts on July 1, 2015). After Multnomah and Clackamas County prosecutors announced their intention to treat marijuana as if Measure 91 were enacted, I was joined by other civil libertarians in calling upon all Oregon prosecutors to follow suit. Two more county prosecutors stated that they would treat marijuana offenses as if Measure 91 were in full effect while several others stated that they would examine cases on a case-by-case basis. Some charges have already been dropped and I was personally made aware of a case in which a felony with possible jail time was reduced to a fine-only misdemeanor without any probation. These are life-changing events that we all made happen! And here’s to many more.

So thank you, Johnny Green and Ninja Smoker and all of the Weed Blog readers that share important news across the inter-webs. And thanks to the activism giants, as we stand upon their shoulders in the fight for freedom and equality. And ultimately, thank you to the 56%+ of Oregon voters who passed a marijuana legalization measure by the biggest margin ever in a mid-term election as such a resounding victory will help carry our momentum to the next state and the next. State by state, until we are all free, cannabis activists.



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