January 17, 2012

The Best Place To Smoke Marijuana In Lake Tahoe

January 17, 2012
Lake Tahoe

Where Should You Smoke A Marijuana Joint In Lake Tahoe?

I am not sure if I have ever gone full geography nerd on TWB before, but if not, the time has arrived. For those people out there that haven’t had the privilege of visiting beautiful Lake Tahoe, a wild geographical phenomenon occurs in Lake Tahoe. Right near the heart of Lake Tahoe is the dividing line between the State of Nevada and the State of California. I have circled a road in Lake Tahoe that is called Stateline Avenue:

lake tahoe marijuana

As you can see, Stateline Ave is right in the heart of the Lake Tahoe scene. One side of the road is on the Nevada side and the other sidewalk is on the California side. I was in Lake Tahoe recently, and I really wanted to smoke a joint that I brought, but didn’t have a hotel room in Tahoe. Going on a smoke walk has always been one of my favorite things to do, so it wasn’t really a problem. After a couple of pulls off the doobie, I realized I was standing on the Nevada side. It doesn’t seem like a significant move to some people, but I crossed the street to finish my doobie.

Why did I cross the street? Because the laws pertaining to personal marijuana possession in California are much better than the laws of Nevada. In Nevada, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is a misdemeanor punishable by rehabilitation/treatment and a $600 fine. Compare that to California, where possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is punishable by a maximum $100 fine (plus fees) with no criminal record under Ca Health & Safety Code 11357b. Obviously in a perfect world there would be no fine at all, but when I am forced to choose between two evils, I will go with the fine only instead of the larger fine plus rehab.

So if you are a marijuana consumer and you are trying to get your puff on in the beautiful Tahoe area, make sure to get across state line if possible. Obviously you want to smoke in a more secure area than I did, but either way, try to get to the California side if possible! Your wallet will thank you, and it just might save you from having to go to pointless and expensive rehab!


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