February 15, 2016

The Cannabis Candidate Marcus Musante Announces Campaign Team

February 15, 2016
marcus musante marijuana

marcus musante marijuanaToday, Marcus Musante announced the team of political advisors and consultants working to get him elected to Congress in California’s 44th District. Marcus’s campaign had a successful start, raising over $50,000 in 2015. “Senator Isadore Hall is no longer the front runner since information about his brother’s past came out and frankly his downfall has created an opportunity to move into the #2 spot and we are confident we can soundly beat Nanette and piggy back off her committee’s negative ads and mailers about Isadore Hall and also piggy back of Senator Hall’s committee’s mailers attacking Nanette not to mention the various Independent expenditure PAC’s spending money on negative messaging” said political strategist Jason Aula. “Right now we are concerned with getting to the run off just like we did with the Mario Guerra for State Senate Campaign in 2014 and believe me the staff is hungry to win we know this race is going to be a dog fight and we are ready to meet our opponents on the political battlefield and win with honor, strength, and hard work components that are not on the side of Hall or Barragan 

The campaign will be managed by Jeffrey Benson, an experienced political operative with a successful record in tough state assembly and state senate independent expenditure races. He is kind of like a super hero 

“Jeffrey’s experience, which includes being a veteran of the US NAVY, along with serving as Campaign Manager for Matthew Pappas for Long Beach City Attorney 2014, makes him the perfect choice to lead this campaign,” said Aula. “I am thrilled to have a battle hardened seasoned political operative as our campaign manager.” 

Benson has extensive experience in California Republican campaigns. Benson was involved with the winning 2013 CA Senate campaign of Andy Vidak of Hanford, CA who overcame his opponent’s record-breaking spending. Benson was also most recently linked to the GOP victory in the San Diego Mayors race! Jeffrey Benson is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton’s Political Science Program and holds a teaching credential. 

“I am honored to join Musante‘s fight for accountability in Congress District 44 and to help him take this fight to Washington DC,” said Benson. 

Former Gary Delong for Congress operative Sarah Gutiérrez is the Deputy Campaign Manager. “Sarah is in charge of new media campaign efforts and running our Saturday voter outreach program” said Aula, ”In addition Ms. Gutierrez is coaching us on how to get the Latino vote in Wilmington and her Cuban roots will help us achieve the goal of taking Wilmington from anyone bold enough to challenge our committee in the battleground municipality”. 

Former Long Beach City Council Candidate and Long Beach Medical Marijuana Task Force member Larry King has signed on as the second Deputy Campaign Manager. Evan Goldstein is the committee publicist and media liaison who worked on CA prop 19 and other medical and recreational cannabis campaigns.

Source: Marcus Musante campaign press release


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