January 14, 2014

The DEA Struck A Deal To Help Mexican Drug Cartel

January 14, 2014
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dea sinaloa cartel mexicoIf you are like me, you have long despised the DEA. I also despise Mexican drug cartels. I’m so tired of the media trying as hard as they can to lump cannabis consumers under the same umbrella as drug cartels. Drug cartels harm our society on a level that is disgusting to say the least.

It has been confirmed that the United States DEA has been working with Mexico’s most notorious drug cartel (Sinaloa), helping them smuggle billions of dollars of drugs into the United States  in exchange for information on other drug cartels. I understand that sometimes you have to crack some eggs to make an omelette, but this clearly crosses so many lines it’s insane. This is obvious proof that the drug war has failed (as if we needed anymore proof), and also highlights just how corrupt the DEA is.

From Business Insider:

“The DEA agents met with members of the cartel in Mexico to obtain information about their rivals and simultaneously built a network of informants who sign drug cooperation agreements, subject to results, to enable them to obtain future benefits, including cancellation of charges in the U.S.”

I have to say, I’m definitely appalled by the actions of the DEA, but I’m not surprised. The DEA claims to want to make the world a better place by getting rid of drug cartel activity. However, as this case clearly shows, they could care less about ending the war on drugs. They are more interested in protecting their budget, and will do whatever it takes to stay in business, even working with people that are supposedly their enemy. Defund the DEA!


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