February 25, 2011

The Universe Says “420”

February 25, 2011

It has been brought to my attention that I need a proofreader and I say kudos to you sir. I can’t get offended when I put down an incomplete thought — that’s how I spend most of my life, like most of us do I think. Days of good intentions infiltrated by work, responsibility, and even our own fuck ups. None of it to be blamed or given credit to marijuana. Its hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and faith that will get us through most of this. Some points I believed were lost in my last posting, so I’ll try and find them.

I tried to iterate how stupid stoners are not the rule but exception and managed putting down bad grammer. I hope the same doesn’t happen here, for I am only slightly more sober with the same good intentions. One point I tried to make was the need to celebrate race. A dead horse really in these times but a necessary evil that I won’t get into any more here.

The one that got lost (and most important I believe) is people’s rights. Our rights to hold and grow a plant. Men telling men (and woman) “that their god is wrong”, “That the natural world must follow the rules of man”. The government has been telling us “everything is not alright” when it’s actually okay — some people actually believe the bullshit coming from politicians mouths. When I say okay, I mean the right to smoke.

People are arrested and convicted for something that I and many others enjoy, how can this be? How can this be acceptable? Our world is too preoccupied with preventative maintenance. Prosecuting people for crimes not committed. We’ve been inundated with bad propaganda for years on end “if marijuana is legalized bad people win”, “marijuana will make bad people” — f.y.i marijuana does not make crime, the government does. Corporate puppets and the dollar that drives them so.

The reason why the message here is so powerful is because it’s free and clear. Billions of dollars spent against marijuana is a message heard, couple of stoners just trying to make sense of the world — priceless with you as an audience.

Present day laws against marijuana make it possible to incarcerate a housewife for 10 years for an amount I smoke in one evening. Personally I don’t know Eddy Lepp or Marc Emery but if their only crime is growing a plant, than it’s not a really a crime — is it? Present day marijuana laws enable the government to scoop up non-violent offenders (a.k.a everyday people just trying to pay a bill) incarcerate them and ruin their lives. I apologize for when my sentences (hell even my paragraphs) are incomplete, it’s just that sometimes I do get distraught or over passionate about the topic. Take the housewife arrested and sentenced to 10 years for instance; There will be no “Free Spottedcrow” rallies, even though that would look really cool on paper or even fundraisers. She’s guilty of not being a brown beauty queen and will suffer for it. The litigation alone to get her out could cost her another year or two if everything is successful other than that this woman’s life has been stolen from her thanks to an overzealous D.A and judge.

She is taken away from her children, her husband, and her life simply because she believed enough in the herb with no prior offenses. Good people are being locked away simple for the covers of their books (hope your good with metaphors). People I probably wouldn’t mind having as neighbors are made as criminal as pedophiles, who the fuck wants a pedophile as a neighbor! The point is that could be you or me, sell some pot in the wrong state and you are now “evil”.

The northwest has proven to be strong with the bud force. The Seattle Times recently published a pro-marijuana editorial. Professionals I meet daily turn out to be smokers as well. Do I think smoking a couple bowls during lunch will be the next”power lunch”, no. But I do think it makes for a great night cap (and then some). As powerful as the truth is we’re not united like to workers in Wisconsin. It’s hard to organize as such when the responsible smoker has a job, is looking for a job, has kids or is just enjoying themselves on their time off. Again the biggest way to show support is the almighty dollar and to vote.

We don’t hide our identities because we’re ashamed of what we believe in. We hide them because we enjoy staying employed. Prior to moving to the northwest I was employed by a major DOD contractor. For 3 years I smoked Mexican brick weed carried in bundles on the backs of Indians or crammed in a car driving through the desert. For 3 years I smoked and made a company money — amazing isn’t it? Not really. People function everyday smoking herb. Right now somebody is burning one after a day of work. Right now somebody is cultivating, another is carrying, and somebody else is looking forward to their dealer showing up/coming through.

Right now some asshole is fucking up Spicoli style and another is doing good, you can’t just focus on one or the other. Right now somebody is trying to figure out how to get “the bad guys” and is looking in the wrong direction. I’m presently on the road for my real job but find it appropriate that I finish this thought in room 420. Yesterday, I checked in to a hotel room assigned to me from the company and fittingly enough it is room 420 – The Universe has said “hello”.

Hopefully somebody does start a “Free Spottedcrow” fund or a “Feed Spottedcrow’s kids because the state took her away from her children” fund. Until next rambling, stay classy TWB.


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