September 5, 2015

Tommy Chong Speaks Out On Legalizing Marijuana In Michigan

September 5, 2015
michigan marijuana legalization milegalize

michigan marijuana legalization milegalize“I support the legalization of marijuana and the smartest way to get this done in Michigan is the MILegalize proposal… Support MILegalize. I do.” Those words, uttered by motion picture actor, comedian and cultural icon Tommy Chong have been heard on Michigan’s radio airwaves as of September 1.

For now the spots are being broadcast only on station 98.5 WUPS. With a broadcast area covering central and northern Lower Peninsula, their signal reaches cities like Mount Pleasant, Houghton Lake and the Traverse area.

Air time for the WUPS radio spots was donated by Indoor Grower’s Edge, a chain of indoor gardening stores in the Cadillac/Big Rapids/Mt. Pleasant area. Chong’s participation was facilitated by ownership of BDT’s Pipe and Tobacco Shops.

“Without BDT’s and Indoor Grower’s Edge, this opportunity with WUPS would not have happened,” said MILegalize Board member Jamie Lowell. MILegalize is seeking corporate or private donations to launch these audio clips into other radio markets around Michigan.

“The best laws come from the people, not the politicians, and that’s why I support MILegalize,” Chong says in one commercial. In another he says, “Fund schools, fix roads, right-size our government. If these issues are important to you, MILegalize is the proposal for you.”

Chong made headlines during a recent trip to Michigan by offering a marijuana joint to Hazel Park Mayor Jan Parisi during the Hash Bash weekend.  The offer drew laughter and support from the citizens and media present. Chong’s speech during the 2015 Bash was the most highly anticipated appearance in the event’s recent history.

“As a spokesperson, it’s hard to beat the cultural recognition you get from a Tommy Chong,” said MILegalize Chair, attorney Jeffrey Hank. “He’s a hero to many Americans not because of the stoner persona, but because he’s beaten cancer using cannabis, he’s endured jail for his beliefs, he’s been through the system and came out on top.”

Audio bits from Chong can be heard by visiting the MILegalize website at


Jamie Lowell                                                                    734 276-6318

Paid for with regulated funds by the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Committee, P. O. Box 1358, East Lansing, MI 48826

Michigan’s next big marijuana conference is one month away! Join Rick Thompson for the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference on September 26 at the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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