January 20, 2013

Top Three Reasons To Support Marijuana Reform In St. Louis

January 20, 2013
missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meeting

show me cannabis regulation missouri st louisHere are the top three reasons to support Show-Me Cannabis‘ efforts to change Saint Louis’ marijuana laws during our money bomb this coming Wednesday:

1) According to Saint Louis’ circuit attorney, this reform will move about 200 cases every year from state court to city court, which means about 200 people will be saved from receiving a criminal record every year!

2) If you live in or around Saint Louis or just visit the city occasionally, this reform will make you and your family safer. Each arrest costs the city of Saint Louis approximately $2,300 in police resources, so for every 18 arrests for possession of marijuana that this reform prevents, that is the equivalent of Saint Louis hiring one new, full-time police officer to protect residents against serious crimes, such as rape, robbery, and murder.

3) This has an excellent return on investment. We are only trying to raise $2,000 to help make this reform as strong as possible, but it would likely save the Saint Louis taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars every year!

Please invest in reform on Wednesday, January 23rd!



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