Traveling Warning For Anyone Driving Through Southern Illinois - Beware Drug Setups

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If You Stay At A Hotel In Southern Illinois You May Be The Victim Of A Police Drug Setup

I just watched a video that was very disturbing. If you haven't seen the YouTube video 'Breakfast in Collinsville' I suggest you do, before or after you watch the video below. It's a prime example of abuse of police search and seizure powers. While testifying under oath, Officer Michael Reichert admits to planting drugs or drug scents on cars in hotel parking lots for K9 "training" without notifying the owners. He then lets unsuspecting motorists drive away with drug scents still on their vehicles. Drug sniffing K9s can detect drug odors for hours, if not days after being planted.

See supporting links and documents below.

Police Reports & Documents that coincide with Officer Reichert's testimony

Motion filed by Collinsville to prevent any further evidence collection:

Terrance Huff - IMDb

Breakfast in Collinsville (with Michael Reichert)

Equitable Sharing Agreement

Radley Balko's Coverage

Americans for Forfeiture Reform

"The Good Wife: I fought the Law" courtesy of CBS Television

"Kelly's Court" courtesy of Fox News Channel & Megyn Kelly

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Friday's South

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