May 29, 2011

Tucson Arizona NORML Chapter Monthly Newsletter

May 29, 2011

Good Afternoon!

Thank you for supporting Tucson NORML (AZ4NORML). AZ4NORML works to educate the community about the safety of marijuana enhancement, the benefits of medical cannabis, and the value of industrial hemp. We are a local group working in Tucson to end the arrest of medical marijuana patients. Did you know about 10 people a day are arrested for marijuana possession in the city? We must stop ruining lives and wasting police resources, please get involved or donate money. We have a few action alerts this newsletter, and Republicans in Phoenix have been working feverishly to undermine the will of the voters with Prop 203 challenges and lawsuits.

Our next meeting is Saturday, June 11 3PM at the Ward 6 Council Offices – 3202 E 1st St, 1 Block South of Speedway Blvd and 1 Block East of Country Club Rd. We will be taking nominations for officer positions and discussing future events, please join us and help make a difference in Southern Arizona.

Jan Brewer and Tom Horne sue to prevent dispensaries from opening

Arizona officials have filed suit against the US Justice Department and other defendants to force a judge to rule on whether state employees are protected from prosecution by complying with Prop 203. Local patients and patient support groups react to a further delay in prop 203 implementation and the harm to seriously ill patients that will result from this action. Please note, the US Dept. of Justice Official says he never threatened Arizona state employees.

Be advised that this action only effects opening of dispensaries, it does not effect patients or caregivers. We recommend that all patient’s get their medical marijuana recommendation and their state issued card as soon as possible. We must fight for this program or we will lose it.

Business people throughout the State of Arizona have invested time, money, sweat, and tears to get these dispensaries off the ground and many of them stand to lose all the money they have invested because of the delays this lawsuit creates.

TAMS Medical Clinic now open.

Tucson Alternative Medical Solutions (TAMS) is now open. Contact the doctors at 520-396-3334 for an appointment to get your medical marijuana recommendation. Please obtain your last 12 months of medical records to help expedite the process, also bring any records that help illustrate your medical situation. TAMS is located at 6400 E. Tanque Verde Rd in Tucson, near Wilmot and Pima. AZ4NORML members get 10% off and TAMS will make a donation to AZ4NORML for every patient who brings this email in. Special good through June 18th, so get your rec today.

Check our website for all the area medical marijuana certification providers, please visit one of them today.

Proposed Bills Would Allow Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Get Bank Loans

Two bills have been introduced in Congress that will allow Dispensaries and Collectives to obtain bank loans to finance things like a grow operation, expansion, or patient-focused activities. Please contact your Congressperson to ask them to support the Small Business Tax Equity Act and the Small Business Banking Improvement Act. The States’ Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act has also been introduced and also deserves our support, visit this link and submit a letter of support through NORML’s Take Action Page.

There is also the Hemp Farming Act of 2011, please visit NORML’s Take Action Link to voice your support for this important bill.

The War on Drugs Continues – People Shot, Dogs Shot…..

Pima County Sheriffs Department shoots a 26 year old veteran of Iraq in his house over 60 times. Here is a another story on these events. And a good overview of the events here.

Columbia, MO police storm a house on a marijuana raid and shoot the two family dogs who were retreating. Police felt in necessary to storm the house at night and throw grenades. Last year, Missouri police did a similar raid with similar results.

These shootings happen every day, all over our county. Please work to change this, we all lose freedoms because of it.

Links and News

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[NEWS] Documents Reveal Inter-Agency Politicking That Led to Changes to Marijuana Entry in Federal Cancer Treatment Database. You can read the FOI Emails here.

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[NEWS] California Prison Overcrowding Could Be Helped By Releasing 30,000 Nonviolent Drug Offenders.

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