August 6, 2014

Two Michigan Cities Vote To Decriminalize Marijuana

August 6, 2014
safer michigan marijuana

safer michigan marijuanaIt was a good night in Michigan last night for two cities, who voted to decriminalize marijuana. Last year Ferndale, Jackson, and Lansing voted to decriminalize marijuana. You can now add to that list Hazel Park and Oak Park. Per WXYZ:

Unofficial results posted by the Oakland County Elections Division show the measures passing Tuesday in Hazel Park and Oak Park.

The two were among at least 11 cities across Michigan and one county targeted by pro-marijuana activists seeking ballot initiatives to legalize or decriminalize small amounts of marijuana for personal use.

I like it when local municipalities reform marijuana laws. Is it as good as a statewide victory? Of course now. However, with each local domino the momentum builds for a statewide victory. The same approach is being taken in Missouri, where statewide reform is hard. But if each city sees reform, then supporters can point out that the sky didn’t fall. The same concept is true of each state victory, which will no doubt lead up to federal reform.


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