Unexpected Additions To The 'Marijuana Majority'

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Nine People You Might Not Think That Want Marijuana Laws Changed

One of my favorite websites out there is for 'The Marijuana Majority.' According to their website, "Marijuana Majority exists to help more people understand the simple fact that supporting commonsense solutions like regulating marijuana sales and ending marijuana arrests are mainstream positions and that there's no reason those who support reform should be afraid to say so."

"We provide resources that make it easy for individual supporters to take part in actively building the Marijuana Majority by contacting celebrities, elected officials and opinion leaders to encourage them to add their voices to the debate."

Below are some of the most surprising additions to The Majority, which originally appeared in Tom Angell's article on The Huffington Post:

Glenn Beck

glenn beck marijuana reform

Rahm Emanuel

rahm emanuel marijuana reform

Rick Perry

rick perry marijuana reform

Bill O'Reilly

bill oreilly marijuana reform

Juan Manuel Santos

Juan Manuel Santos marijuana reform

Sarah Palin

sarah palin marijuana reform

Tony Bennett

tony bennett marijuana reform

David Koch

david koch marijuana reform

Pat Robertson

pat robertson marijuana reform