December 18, 2015

Uruguay To Sell Three Different Strains Of Marijuana At Pharmacies Next Year

December 18, 2015
Uruguay will Begin Selling Marijuana in Pharmacies this Summer

uruguay marijuana legalizationUruguay voted to legalize marijuana in 2013. They were the first country in the world to do so. There were almost instantly reports that there would be grams for as low as one dollar in Uruguay, and that sales would occur very quickly. Time has shown that launching legal sales in Uruguay has taken longer than expected. But, there seems to be movement, as earlier this month Uruguay announced that there will be three strains of marijuana sold at pharmacies starting next year. Via Reuters:

Uruguayans will be able to choose from three varieties of state-sanctioned cannabis when marijuana starts being sold in pharmacies in the small South American country next year, the National Drug Board said Saturday.

Each variety will have different levels of the mind-altering compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), believed to soften the impacts of THC, said the board’s president, Milton Romani.

“There will be three options with indications about the effects of each that point beginners toward starting with the lowest level” of THC, Romani told Reuters on the sidelines of the marijuana forum Expocannabis 2015.

Romani declined to specify the names of the three varieties.

It sounds like there will be one high CBD strain, one low level THC strain, and a higher THC strain. That’s not as much variety as one would hope, but it’s certainly workable. I’m curious to see exactly how much it costs per gram, and what the quality is like. I’ve heard good things about cannabis in Uruguay as far as quality, but I’ve never been there myself to really know.


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