December 2, 2015

Using A Tragedy To Spread Reefer Madness Is Disgraceful

December 2, 2015
Reefer Madness

Reefer MadnessRobert L. Dear Jr. is a monster. Mr. Dear was the individual that recently shot up a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, killing three people and wounding 9 others. The event was a tragedy to say the least. By all measures, Robert is a disturbed person who suffers from mental problems. There is nothing else that people should be pointing to as the cause for his actions.

However, that hasn’t stopped marijuana opponent Christine Tatum from suggesting that ‘marijuana psychosis’ was the cause of his rampage. Per Westword:

As we noted in our coverage of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood attack, the alleged shooter, Robert Dear, reportedly shared apocalyptic rants on the website approximately a decade ago and also posted a sex ad that noted his interest in marijuana use.

But did pot use play a role in the horrific shootings, which killed three people and injured nine others?

That’s the insinuation of Christine Tatum, a writer, anti-pot crusader and wife of Dr. ChristianThurstone, among the most prominent Colorado voices decrying the alleged dangers of marijuana, particularly for young people.

Below is a tweet that Christine Tatum sent out after Colorado’s Governor issued a statement about the shooting:

Christine Tatum is not new to trying to use a horrific tragedy to try to promote marijuana prohibition. She did the same thing following the Boston marathon bombing, and has suggested that marijuana was responsible for the Columbine High School massacre. To say that Christine Tatum’s tactics are disgusting and disgraceful is a huge understatement. Shame on her, and anyone who supports her. Poor mental health is what caused these tragedies. To suggest that marijuana is the cause of people killing other people is irresponsible. It wasn’t true in the 1930’s, it isn’t true today, and it will never be true.


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