May 14, 2012

Voice Of The Marijuana Nation Gets Silenced

May 14, 2012
White House Threatened To Crack Down On Legal Marijuana

RIP NORML Network: 24/7 network of marijuana shows closes up shop due to lack of funds

I am shocked and saddened to report that the NORML Network has been cancelled. How that is even possible is beyond me, considering Russ runs the show with no budget. The show gets roughly 2,500 to 5,000 downloads a day, and has 50-70 live viewers each day. The NORML Network consists of 13 hours of original content a week. Radical Russ Belville, “Cannabis Karri” Gallaugher, “Ganja Jon” Hamm, and “Wiz Kaliko” Castille are some of the most talented activists I have ever met, and whoever picks them up next will be extremely lucky to have them on their media team.

It sounds like Russ will stay on with NORML in his original capacity, but the show itself will relaunch in the near future under a different name. I originally posted video footage from the show where Russ says goodbye to his listeners in this article, but the stream channel was deleted unfortunately. If it appears on YouTube, I’ll make sure to update this article ASAP!

(Update) Here’s the video:


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