April 7, 2011

Vote for Marijuana Friendly Candidates in Canada

April 7, 2011

Vote For Marijuana Friendly Candidate Dana Larsen If You Live In Canada

A quick update: We’re currently finishing up our voting recommendations for every riding in Canada, and tomorrow will be (hopefully, and finally) getting the list of Voting places across Canada from Elections Canada so we can tell you where to vote on May 2! In the meantime, everyone has been doing a great job, we had hundreds of shares on our last video!

We’ve posted a high res version of the “I toke and I vote” graphic on WhyProhibition.ca for everyone to use in their local area, here’s a link to share it on Facebook!

And of course, our good friend and supporter Dana Larsen is entering the final week of his campaign, and really needs your help! His campaign is doing very well, and has already influenced policy in the BC NDP! Please consider donating to Dana’s historic BC NDP campaign to help make the final week as impactful as possible! Anyone in the world can donate!


Read on for an update from Dana Larsen:

Hi Johnny

Hello from the campaign trail, as I am traveling all across the province in my bid to become leader of the BC NDP.

I know this is a busy time in politics, with the Canadian federal election in full swing, and world events competing with the BC NDP Leadership race for media attention.

I hope you’ve heard about the great strides our campaign has been making, winning members over room by room, town by town, as we criss-cross the province, participating in debates and meeting with new supporters.

I’ve already talked to thousands of people about the benefits of marijuana and hemp as our campaign travels around the province.

So far we’ve had major debates in well over a dozen cities across BC, with 6 regional debates during this final jam-packed week before advance voting begins. It’s a grueling schedule, but knowing that people like you are behind me gives me the energy to keep going.

As the Director of the Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, I know how important these issues are, and I see every day how marijuana medicines help many people to regain their health and vitality.

This Leadership Campaign has also inspired many hundreds of cannabis activists and medical users to get more politically involved. Even Tommy Chong joined the NDP to support my campaign, and headlined a fundraiser in early March. You can watch clips from that very special event here.

Click here to watch a video of me telling the BC Chamber of Commerce that the marijuana industry wants a seat at their table.

Sadly, campaigning across BC like this isn’t cheap. We’re getting great results, but we’ve got to raise another $10,000 to keep up the momentum over the final week of the campaign.

Anyone can donate to my Leadership campaign, no matter where you live or if you are a member of the NDP.

Please consider helping out our campaign. Every dollar counts, and we can accept payment by Paypal, Credit Card and more.

This is the right time to donate. Our campaign is breaking through, we’ve got great momentum and with your help we’ll be ready for the final push!

Just click here to help out!

I am humbled by this opportunity to put forward a positive vision of a world without prohibition, where we are able to use the cannabis plant to its full potential, and where people are not criminalized for using this natural medicine.

I believe that we need a strong political voice to represent the cannabis culture and cause. On many levels, the success of this campaign has already exceeded our expectations. With your help we can continue to build on our amazing momentum.

It means so much to me knowing that you and so many other British Columbians are engaging together in this campaign for democracy, freedom and legal marijuana.

Thank you for your support!

Sincerely Yours, Dana Larsen

Vote Dana Larsen Campaign – www.VoteDana.ca

WhyProhibition.ca is a project of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation:

142 – 757 W. Hastings, Suite 211
Vancouver, BC V6C 1A1


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