January 19, 2013

Washington Governor Inslee To Meet With AG Holder To Discuss Marijuana Legalization

January 19, 2013
Eric Holder cannabis marijuana

eric holder jay inslee i-502 meeting washington marijuanaWashington State Governor Jay Inslee, along with Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, will meet with United States Attorney General Eric Holder next week to talk about I-502.

“The governor asked for the meeting to discuss implementation of the marijuana law:  He and (Washington) Attorney General (Bob) Ferguson see it as the start of what will likely be an ongoing discussion with the federal government about implementing what Washington voted for in November,” said Postman, according to SeattlePI.Com.

I would give anything to be a fly in the room at this meeting, to know what truly goes on when a Governor discusses democracy at the state level with the top federal prosecutor at the federal level. Does the phrase ‘will of the voters’ come up often? Do they watch that classic video of how a bill becomes a law?

In my opinion, what Eric Holder says or doesn’t say really doesn’t matter all that much. If he said that the feds would back off of Washington, would you believe him at this point? If he said that ‘marijuana is still illegal under federal law’ I would reply with ‘we already know that, but so what?’ The fact of the matter is the feds can only do so much. If they can’t stop medical marijuana, then there’s no way they can stop recreational marijuana which is likely to be ten times as large of an industry.

Hopefully Jay Inslee has the stones to step up to the feds, and rather than cowering to their threats, he steps up and does what he was elected to do – represent the will of Washington voters! Below is a video of then candidate Inslee, talking about how the feds need to back off of medical marijuana because Washington State voters wanted it. He says that he doesn’t support full legalization at the time, but a lot changed between now and then. If he applies the same logic towards I-502 as he did towards mmj, then he should be on board!


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