March 29, 2013

Washington Pot Czar – “What’s The Cannabis Equivalent Of A Standard Drink?”

March 29, 2013
mark kleiman washington state pot czar

I admit that I don’t drink alcohol that often. After all this is The Weed Blog, not the The Booze Blog. But I do consume alcohol beverages from time to time, and after a a couple of drinks (especially strong ones), I start to ‘feel it’ a bit. I don’t know what the marijuana consumption equivalent to alcohol is, whether it’s two drinks, one drink, and definitely not ten drinks. Marijuana has a different effect on me than alcohol does, and no matter how much marijuana I consume, I am always in control of my physical faculties. I can’t say that about alcohol.

I saw the following question posed by Washington State’s new ‘Pot Czar’ Mark Kleiman on Twitter. Which by the way, I think he should just change his official name to Mark ‘Pot Czar’ Kleiman, driver’s license and all:

mark kleiman washington state pot czar twitter


The link takes you to an article that he published today on SameFacts.Com. When the Pot Czar speaks, no matter what state, we should all listen, as these moments in history will no doubt be referenced by other states once they become legal. At the end of his article, Mr. Kleiman poses the question, “So, a technical question: how many milligrams of THC, by lung, have the equivalent mood-altering power of a standard drink?”

How do you feel? I don’t feel much after one drink, a little more after two, then after around five I can pretty much kiss my night goodbye. I never feel that way when consuming cannabis. There are times when I am more tired than others, but that also depends on how much I’ve done that day too. Because just as I don’t drink often, I don’t exercise often either! What do TWB readers think? What’s the cannabis equivalent of a standard alcohol drink?


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