March 2, 2012

What Is ‘The Human Solution’?

March 2, 2012
the human solution michigan medical marijuana

the human solution perris californiaThe Human Solution

When I was at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles, I noticed a lot of people were wearing a green ribbon pin with a red cross on it. I asked around, and was referred to the ‘Human Solution‘ table in the non-profit area of the event. I love highlighting great organizations, and if you live in Southern California and beyond, make sure to check these folks out:

The Human Solution is a non-profit grass-roots organization. Our members are a diverse coalition of concerned citizens, united in our common goals of supporting medical marijuana defendants, patients, providers, and the community at large.

We attend court hearings, speak publicly at city council and town hall meetings, give classes to educate the public and remove the stigma of medical marijuana, and hold fundraising events with help with defendants’ legal expenses and assist patients in need.

The Human Solution provides education and support to medical cannabis patients, providers, and the community at large. -THS Mission Statement

Show Your Support

Click here to order your Solidarity Ribbon

Dare to show your support for The Human Solution by wearing our signature green Solidarity Ribbon. Not only are you showing support for medical cannabis patients and defendants everywhere, the ribbons make great conversation starters. And the first step to changing things is a conversation.

The Human Solution was founded in early 2009, by a small group of concerned advocates who made and wore the first Solidarity Ribbons to show support for medical marijuana defendants being prosecuted in blatant disregard of the fact that they were Prop 215 compliant. The Human Solution believes nobody should EVER go to jail over a plant and that patients and providers should to be free to choose to use or grow cannabis without fearing prosecution, or the seizure of property.

Hand made by patients with “love and aggression,” the ribbons show solidarity with prisoners of the drug war. We understand the human toll the policy of prosecuting legal medical marijuana providers takes on defendants, their families, and ultimately, the community itself.

The majority of legitimate medical marijuana providers being prosecuted do not have an abundance of resources or cash, and often lack support both in and out of court. Many are chronically ill themselves or are caring for ill family members. The ordeal of going through a lengthy legal battles also causes hardships in their personal life, including loss of employment, evictions, and problems with child protective services, all a direct result of the stigma of being labeled and targeted as a “drug dealer” by law enforcement and prosecutors who believe “there is no such thing as medical marijuana.”

For the cannabis movement, this is both an exciting and frustrating time. We are closer than ever to unleashing and developing the miraculous medicinal properties of this plant. Recent studies show marijuana has the power to shrink cancer tumors, keep glaucoma at bay, relieve pain, fight MRSA resistant bacteria, act as a neuro protectant, and even, it is hinted, grow brain cells.

Yet we keep hearing the same old tired lies and excuses to keep it illegal and the needed research continues to be blocked. Far too many are still facing prosecution for daring to grow, use, or provide it.

So for now, we wear the ribbons. Proudly, defiantly, and in Solidarity!


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